Part 16 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Marco did great during his sleepover at Bed, Bath, and Bisquit! On Saturday morning when we left him he was very scared and unsure of what was going on. As we entered the front door he was crouched down and slinking along with tail tucked. I have become so used to his sweet, boisterous self in recent weeks that I had totally forgotten that sad body poise which he had when we first adopted him. Anyway, the people at this place are so nice and such animal lovers that they were very gentle and sweet with him. I shared his history with them and they assured me that he would receive lots of tender TLC during his stay.

After we got home Sunday I immediately went to get the boy. When they brought him to the front he didn't see me standing in front of the counter and as the girl walked towards us leading him, he was walking upright with beautiful posture. That warmed my heart because I knew for sure then that he had been very well cared for (which I totally expected) and wasn't traumatized. As soon as I said "there's my boy!!!" he came running towards me with tail wagging and jumping up and down and up and down.........

I had arranged for Marco to get a bath before pickup knowing how much he loves his baths. It cracked me up to see him because they had blow dried him and he looked like a giant cotton ball. The bath definitely made him feel good and frisky although the shampoo they used (or maybe they spritzed him with something) smells like a little old ladies perfume. Thankfully, the strong sweet smell has just about disappeared.

He was so excited as we pulled into the drive at home and he couldn't wait to get into the house.....he immediately started "nesting" and ran over to his bed which he grabbed with his teeth and flung around the living room repeatably. Finally he settled in and placed his favorite toy "octopus" in his bed and folded the bed like a sandwich over it. Then he laid down over the top of the bed with his head and front paw touching "octopus" and slept for a couple of is good!

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on July 3, 2009 at 9:39pm
I am really enjoying these Marco updates. What a character he is. Every new experience will make him more and more sure of himself.

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