Part 13 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Today is a very joyful day......I decided this afternoon it was time to give Marco a bath so Rob lifted him (only because he wouldn't jump into it) into our garden tub for me......and the fun began....he so loves the spray nozzle wetting him and just stands there while soaking it all in. When I bathed him the first time after we adopted him, I was in tears at how emanciated he looked while he was wet. Today I couldn't even see his ribs or spine sticking up....what a wonderful recovery.........

I thank God daily for the precious people who are the "behind the scenes" of DRRC and IDOG. Without all of them we would have never found our sweet boy.....

After his bath he did what I call the "rabbit run" around the house.....tail tucked he ran circles around and around the living room then darted all over the house just feeling frisky......and he looks so very cute with his Golden Retriever body and poodle hair....................

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