Sunday 04th 2009
We headed off to Sandyhook to meet our new pup!
Our son Ollie had been prepared and was already talking about how he is going to have a new friend.

We already have a name picked out, Coogee, is a beach in Sydney Australia. It was the first beach my husband took me to walk on in Australia. I recall laughing at the name and said my next dog would be called Coogee as it sounded perfect for a dog.

Arriving at Sandyhook, it was foggy on one side and sunny on the other.
But we soon found the pack of dogs running and enjoying the beach!
We found Lynne and her sons, and there they were... the two pups and her 3 dogs!!
Until now, we had not really known which pup we were going to be taking home. It turned out we were able to choose the male.
He had been given the name shadow.
But of the pups were dosile and adorable, I was moved to see how comfortable they were with their foster family.

After spending some time chatting to members of the DRC and walking and playing with Coogee, we were so excited to get him home.
The crate was large enough for him to stand in and he was placed right next to Ollie. If he whinned, Ollie would stick his hand in and pet Coogee and at one point Coogee let out a gentle howl, which Ollie then copied and the pair howled away in the back together!
It was a fast trip home, no traffic on the GWB for once. And coming home was off to funny start as i could not find my keys! Luckily we had a spare set hidden ... something which I have had to use a couple of times before.
Coogee seemed like he had never been in an elevator before. But even though he was a bit unsure he followed us in, the same goes for the front door. We have two floors and the stairs are modern, open and high. We have a harness on him to help him go up and down the stairs until he is more sure and steady.

We fed Coogee and he gobbled everything up and then we all took him for his first walk around the nieghborhood.
We stopped by to see our friends who have 3 golden retievers.
Coogee was really frightened by them barking, and so we stood on the other side of the street chatting until he became calm and relaxed.
We hope to walk with them and intergrate him with the others to help keep him socialized.

It was such an enjoyable walk. All 4 of us just walking and meeting the other dog owners.
This is something Toby and I had missed since our dog died some years ago. Having a dog really keeps you involved with your nieghbors!
We noticed that Coogee really wanted to keep up with Ollie if one of us walked ahead of him and he would pull. So we tried it the other way around, Ollie behind, he would then wait!
We also noted that he is nervous with load cars and motorbike, probably because he is a county boy and used to the tranquility of the fram that they were relinquished from.
So over time, lots of walks and out door time will help that out.

Bath time for Ollie was fun, Coogee was very curious about this! he sat right next to the tub and at one point helped hiself to a drink!

The cat is hidding and he crept up stairs to have a sneeky peek whilst Coogee snoozes. But quickly scampered back down stairs! He has caught a sniff of her around the house, but did not seemed bothered to go looking, and when on the walk he was not interested in the cats under cars or walking around.
Bed time was adorable, as we read to Ollie before bed, Coogee lay down, just as though he had been part of our family forever.

As I type away, Ollie is asleep, and Coogee is comfortable by Toby in the living room watching tele!
We are soooooo happy to have this gentle pup in our home.

He will be a brilliant surprise tomorrow, my mother in law arrives from her 2 week trip ... and does not know we have a dog!

Keeping you all posted!
Signing off for some cuddles.


The Moors Family

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Comment by Jodie Hart on October 23, 2009 at 9:49pm
What a great story! It sounds like you've all found the perfect home for each other!

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 5, 2009 at 6:13am
I am so happy our little boy has such a wonderful home. Keep us posted and we LOVE pictures.
Comment by Anna Konradi on October 4, 2009 at 11:27pm
Congrats on finding your little fur ball of happiness! You'll be doodle crazy like the rest of us in no time, if not already. Your story is well-told - I felt like I was watching you from across the way!

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