Finny had a great weekend. He is such a wonderful dog!!! He is PERFECT in every way. Saturday was a mellow day - he really likes to sleep. He had an early morning walk down to the local coffee shop and he loved that. He slept most of the day with occasional visits to the backyard. I think maybe our big Friday night concert & company for dinner might have worn him out so I let him chilll all day.

Sunday we went up to my brother's in Metuchen for my brother's birthday bbq. There were loads of people there and Finnegan received lots of attention which he loved. My 3-year old niece was fascinated by him and he was very good with her and my baby nephew. I have pictures which I'll post. Finn was wiped out last night and this morning after his fun-filled Sunday.

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone!


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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on August 11, 2009 at 1:06pm
Helen, you can't even imagine how much I miss him. As Jacquie said, he was the BEST foster. I am so glad he is doing well and I just LOVE hearing about his adventures.

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Comment by Helen on August 11, 2009 at 12:38pm
Yes, he's an absolute angel. The best dog I've ever KNOWN and I'm not the least bit biased :) He's so mellow, and happy, and fun to hang out with. I went back to work yesterday but my cousins were at my house and they hung out with him all day. They said he went into the backyard on occasion (they left the door open for him) but that he mostly hung out in the air conditioning. The cousins left this morning so he's on his own today. I walked him around 9a (went to work late) and he did #1 and #2 on his walk. I think he's starting to get the idea of what the walks are for....mostly when we are in the backyard he just wants to play. He loves when I play ball with him. He hasn't figured out that he's supposed to pick up the ball, he just likes me to throw it so he can chase it and then he comes back without even touching it.
Anyway, I think the walks are his favorite. He gets soooooo excited to go out on the leash. He has certain favorite yards he likes to sniff and if I try to go down the other side of the street, he makes me cross over so he can sniff the yards he likes. 3 huge golden retrievers broke out of a house (crashed through the front door) and charged him on Sat. night and he froze while they sniffed him but he didn't try to run and he didn't growl or even grimace. After the goldens decided they liked him, he started wagging his tail and seemed to enjoy their company until their owner finally came to get them. He's never shown any sign of aggression to anyone - human or dog which is really amazing. As for me, I was just grateful they were golden retrievers and not pit bulls...the owner should really get a storm door with a stronger latch.

I brought my camera to work but forgot the cord I need to connect it to the internet so I'll try and get pics. up later tonight. My cousin took pics on her camera of his bath on Sunday but she left without uploading them to my computer so I'll have to wait until she e-mails them to me but I have pics. from Sunday's bbq. Before the bbq, we bathed him Sun. morning in my wheelbarrow, he really seemed to like the water - it was nice and cool. I'm going to have to get a big washtub or kiddie pool for summer baths. In the cooler weather, I'll use my bathroom tub.

That's about it....there's not much more to tell. He is so well-mannered - he doesn't beg at the table or anything while I am eating which is nice. He's so sweet! Oh - and we're going to tonight's outdoor movie in the park if it doesn't get thunder-stormed out. I'm heading home early from work since it's his first day on his own and I figured the outdoor movie should be fun. Technically, no dogs are allowed in the park during events but the cops told me on Friday night that dogs could be in the area that borders the park which has tables and chairs so it's fine with me to sit there instead of on the grass. Take care, Lynne and Jacquie!!

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on August 10, 2009 at 11:56pm
He really is getting around...but I need pictures!!! I am having Finny withdrawals. I am so, so happy that he is doing well and being such a good boy. Did you go back to work today? How did he do? Details, details. He did great, didn't he?

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