Finn had a great weekend. We spent all day yesterday at my friends' house with their 9-month old viszla, Wrigley. They have a HUGE fenced-in backyard and a in-ground pool and Finnegan had a great time exploring the yard, swimming in the pool and playing with Wrigley. The two dogs got along great except when Wrigley would bark and bark in Finn's face to try and get Finn to chase him. I heard Finnegan growl for the first time - he really didn't like the barking. Not that I can blame him, I found the barking annoying too. But Wrigley would back off and go away when Finn growled and Finn would run after him when Finn decided it was playtime. When Finn wanted to be left alone, he let Wrigley know it and when Finn wanted to play, it was on Finn's terms. Wrigley was fine with that. Overall, a very fun day! Sorry, no pics, I have to charge the camera.

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on August 18, 2009 at 10:22pm
I was passing by and decided to stop in and see Helen and Finny. Helen wasn't home but I peeked in the door and saw our beautiful boy peeking back at me. He looks so happy in his new home. Helen tell us about Finn at the beach and in the pool. And pictures, pictures, please.

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