After much research, I have decided I am going to start grooming Tessa myself! OH god! I know.. am I crazy?? I think in the long run, I will save money and Tessa will be less stressed. I know all the blades and combs I need to use for the "standard" Doodle cut ... if there is such a thing, hehe. Our doods are in a class of their own, aren't they!

Tonight Chris and I went to PetSmart and bought a heavy duty Oster - Golden A5 clipper, some scissors and thinning shears. I also bought some pretty smelling detangling spray for when she's out of the bath. I am also going to pick up some comb attachments too.

I started line brushing her once we got home. Only got the front portion of her body done. She looks like a lion with a huge mane under her chin. She's so unbelievably fluffy and scrumptious, like a whipped marshmallow! But It's late and we're all getting tired. We'll do the rest tomorrow after work.

She was SO precious while I was brushing. She sat right in front of me and looked in my eyes and gave me those sweet, gentle kisses on my nose and forehead. Then she laid down for a bit while I snipped away her stray wire-like back furs and finished up around the back of her neck. I ran the de-matting brush through her long ear hair too. That tool is amazing, gets rid of all the dead icky hairs. I gave her lots of massage rubs because she was so patient. I think she really enjoys those :) I will finish the rest of her brushing tomorrow and get her clipped!

I'll keep this blog updated so you can join in the journey -- good or bad -- with Tessa and I :) I will definitely post photos too.... I can't wait!

P.S. Chris just asked what I was doing and I told him "Writing Tessa's blog"... he rolled his eyes but here is a guy who was just on the floor, rolling around with Cody, kissing his rump saying "You have the cutest butt I ever saw Mr. Wiggles" in a gooshy wooshy voice... look whose talkin' eh!

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Comment by Linda Lynch on December 5, 2009 at 1:10pm
All the guys are really marshmellows-David gets down on the floor when he gets home to roll around and get Doodle and Schnauzer kisses. Have to get pics of that!!!!!

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