Independent Rescuers are working everyday across this country to save and transport homeless pets to a new life. There are thousands of us crossposting, pulling, fostering, socializing and saving as many as we can. I am an Independent Rescuer and so are many of my friends. I didn't start out this way and I have learned much in the almost two years I have been doing this. But the one constant is ... I have been saving as many as I can, one by one.

Those who know me, know the history of this site and what happened here six months ago. Those who stayed with me, know the drama of the past (and the continuing drama) and did not like it. We have moved on from it, happily and are now in a much better place. However, thinking I was starting a rescue "collective" of friends and finding out that was far from the case, I have come to learn many eye opening truths and one of them is ... I am an Independent Rescuer.

An Independent Rescuer saves animals from kill shelters and finds them homes. An Independent Rescuer helps a family who is in financial trouble to keep or rehome their beloved pet, without looking for gain. An Independent Rescuer does not have an IRS Non-Profit 501c3 because that costs over $1000 and she believes that money is better spent on saving pets.

An Independent Rescuer does not look for handouts or reimbursement and gratefully accepts a small donation to help them save more pets. They are not looking to pay their phone bill or their rent, but only want to save animals.

Sure, there are bad Independent Rescuers, just like there are bad Non-Profits. Anytime we donate money to anyone, we should do some homework. If there has been some bad press or negative comments, usually that means something. Look at who is doing the talking and what their motive might be. Where there's smoke, there is usually some kind of fire. Take all of it into consideration before you donate to anyone. Check with the IRS to see if they have been investigated. There are other places to check charities, also. Guide-star and the Better Business Bureau are just two to try.

A 501c3 means nothing except they spent money to get it and can give you a receipt you can claim on your taxes. Unless you are audited, it is worthless, because we can all claim a certain amount as charitable contributions every year. Ask your accountant. A 501c3 does not make the group honest nor does it regulate it's decisions or actions. It does not mean there were no complaints or actions against them. It does not mean they aren't using your donation for administrative purposes.

Independent Rescuers are desperately needed all over this country and are working feverishly to save as many animals as possible, before their time is up. Fostering is a rewarding and sorely needed endeavor that I urge you to try. You may find your Forever Friend in the process.

Independent Rescuers use their own money to vet, feed and house an animal. They may work with other rescuers, shelters or groups, to find a home or a sanctuary for an unwanted pet. Most are passionate about what they do and are all that stands between life and death for thousands upon thousands of pets.

You would be surprised at how many Independent Rescuers are out there and even some of the largest and most active who are Independent and do not have an IRS non-profit status.

Independent Rescuers do not need a Directors "permission" to bring a dog into a program. Independent Rescuers do not need to send adoption fees back to someone who didn't do the work. Independent Rescuers can and do work as a real "Collective" helping each other, supporting each other and ensuring the animals are saved.

We are a Collective of Independent Rescuers

Please, Consider joining our team of Independent Rescuers and Foster Partners, here on the Rescue Resource Collective.

Oodles of Doodles, Inc. specializes in Oodles/Poodles/Doodles/Schnoodles.
Gunn Dogs is also helping Doodles and specializes in Hunting Breeds.
Poodle Rescue of Vermont is forming their group now to be a force in Poodle Rescue.

You can utilize your own Rescue Group Page to highlight your dogs and organize your volunteers.

We will help by listing the pets here on our site and on Petfinder and Facebook. We can use a common application, if need be and contract and once adopted, the adoption fee is yours to cover expenses. Working together as a real "Collective" we can accomplish more and save more.

I am Thankful for all the Independent Rescuers out there, who are saving pets, one by one.

Lynne Fowler
Oodles of Doodles, Inc.

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on January 28, 2011 at 11:11pm

Posted by Barbie N. / Kandi Boo Rescue / Host of Straight Talk Radio


Lynne I was reading your page on "INDEPENDENT RESCUERS" and would love to read it on the show tomorrow, of course I will say your the author but is it okay to use, it will help clear up some of the misconceptions regarding "INDEPENDENT RESCUERS."

I read it and called my host to on the show and read it to her and she loved it and we wanted to open the show with it.


I went through a lot of crap when I was getting ready to start my own rescue, people said a lot of nasty mean things to and about me
and I love the way you wrote it, it's for every independent rescuer out there we have all seen ths good bad and the ugly side of rescue so I wanted to give credit where credit was due.
We are all like you, just some of us don't have the balls to put it in print.

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on November 20, 2010 at 10:07pm
Wow, you do dream big. Sorta like my plans...great minds think alike. And ditto on the partner thing. LOL
Comment by Elizabeth Gunn on November 20, 2010 at 9:25pm
Oh - and I also have this dream of forming a co-op or buyer's group sort of thing for rescues - "Arkansas Rescue Cooperative". The idea would be that one central location would serve as a "Depot" to collect and distribute donated supplies, purchase in bulk, solicit donations from area merchants, dog food suppliers, etc.....instead of rescues paying actual money for anything, they could earn "Co-op dollars" when they donated then be "spent" when they need something..for example, I often have things donated that I really can't use and usually pass on to someone else, like cat stuff and whatnot. I even sometimes have a surplus of linens and medications about to go out of date and such. If someone has something or needs something, they could just contact the Co-op and do some trading out. It could even go so far as to be one central location for resources on low-cost vetting information, pet health insurance, sort of like a "Consumer's Report" for animal rescues. Any kind of animal, not just dogs.
Big dream, huh? Huge project, endless possibilities.....
Kind of like the Farmer's Co-op and Rice Depot do. Of course, it would be a full time job for someone to do this.
Comment by Elizabeth Gunn on November 20, 2010 at 9:16pm
Amen, Lynne! Seems like almost every time I have tried to "partner" with another rescue, things don't go well. I do have wonderful working relationships with several rescues, but we each mind our own business and try to help one another when we can, always remembering that the rescue with the dog is the ultimate decision maker about that dog. Usually no "Board" is involved.....If I don't agree with or like their way of rescuing, I simply don't work with them anymore. Simple as that!
My one caveat to you note is that I, myself, prefer to use my own application and contract, simply because I often tailor them to the breed of dog I am placing, and it is easier for me to navigate my own documents. And I also do not want to involve or obligate any other rescue by using their contracts, etc...might potentially muddy the water. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to have someone help me tweak my stuff - it always falls to the bottom of the task heap! I have stuff on there I need to update and change, add, etc.... Every time I look at another rescue's application or contract, I see stuff I like and want to put on mine.
I think this is a fantastic place/idea/collective for independent or small rescues to gather - sort of like a "one-stop shop" for Oodles! I had tried to open an actual physical location here in Little Rock for just that - spaces for individual rescues, adoption events, and such - vendors, whatever. Kind of like an antique mall, only with dogs! I was going to call it "Adoption Options". But I never could get the right zoning on any of the sites I liked.

Member Since 2010
Comment by mary pat fleming on November 20, 2010 at 5:53pm
Oh yes, totally fantastic idea to go for strength in numbers. This is the great thing about using the web! Connections = more dogs helped! : ) Good call, Lynn.

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on November 20, 2010 at 5:52pm
You know our "collective" fingers and paws are crossed for you.

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on November 20, 2010 at 5:45pm
Isn't this a good idea? I have been thinking about it from talking to so many people on FB who are doing exactly this. I thought, this is what we are already doing. So, I thought I'd throw it out to everyone. I am certainly used to controversy, so what's a little more. There's strength in numbers and let's talk.

BTW, I did register with NJ as a Non-Profit. For legal protection but most are not registered anywhere.

Member Since 2010
Comment by mary pat fleming on November 20, 2010 at 5:45pm
I was cruising PetFinder to catch any doodles listed and found Loki, a beautiful red-mahogany colored aussie doodle. I called immediately to speak with the VT Second Chance folks about the possibility of adopting him. I see LOKI on our rescue site now, which is great! But keep your paws crossed; I hope VT will consider my application to adopt him. Very lovely, knowledgable people there. I'm thrilled VT is joining the collective of rescuers in order to save more dogs.

Member Since 2010
Comment by mary pat fleming on November 20, 2010 at 5:33pm
Count me IN, Lynn! I am not a registered independent rescuer but I have been doing exactly this, which is using my own money and saving one dog at a time. Should I register someplace in order to become officially recognized by.. IRS? The State of NJ?
Thanks for all your help, Lynn.
Mary Pat

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