So the dogs are settling into the routine and their new space quite well. They are very curious sniffing every corner and happily playing in the yard. Tessa's favorite thing is to patrol for squirrels and Cody brings all his toys on the grass for Mom and Dad to see.

Our good friend has a 3 yr old black and tan Doberman named Ramsey. He is off traveling for 10 days and we decided to have Rams stay with us instead of being in a kennel. Cody and him are inseperable! Cody will sit and clean Ramsey's ears for him and they often fall asleep near one another, paws touching. Tessa tends to be a bit of a flirt, however never carries on with the rough housing... as if to say, "Sigh... boys will be boys" :)

Ramsey is a special boy... he is a rescue! Someone bought him as a show dog however as he reached maturity, his eye condition worsened and they no longer wanted him. He was also a little dog aggressive on the leash. After much dedication, Ramsey is now one of the sweetest and quietest Dobermans I have ever met. ....After a few visits to the vet it was explained that his eyes are back further into his skull than normal. This causes his eye lashes to invert and bother his eyes. Poor guy, they weep and he appears to squint a lot... but what a trooper, it never gets him down. He's such a happy, playful dog. We put drops in the evening and he grumbles with pleasure, it must be so soothing for him. He has the sweetest nature -- I was cutting his nails last night and he fell asleep! Even when you reprimand him for jumping on the couch, he puts his head down and sits as if to take the lecture about the rules. He's a joy.

I left them this morning like 3 pigs at a trough, eating their breakfast, heads down and bums up :)

What would we do without our dogs???

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on September 14, 2009 at 8:21pm
Where indeed? Life without a dog (or dogs) would not be life to the fullest, that's for sure.

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