We just renamed our new puppy Coda*! She's the cutie that was called "Midnight", one of two pups fostered by Lynne in NJ.
I met Lynne yesterday and brought the little girl home yesterday. She met everyone, but mostly slept yesterday evening. She spent the night in her crate in my son's room and slept until 5am, went out, then went back to sleep. This morning she came to life, exploring the yard and house, and even got a bath. She's amazingly calm and confident -- and very adorable.

*Coda is the ninth studio album by Led Zeppelin, released in 1982, a collection of outtakes from various sessions. The word coda, meaning a "tail" that ends a musical piece following the main body, was therefore chosen as an apt title.

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 27, 2009 at 2:41pm
Wow, she really does sound like she is happy and in the right place. I am glad she found you all, too. She really was a sweetie foster for me and I am glad she is being a sweetie girl in her Forever Home. Kiss that doodle nose for me.

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Comment by L.A. Brickner on October 27, 2009 at 9:57am
Here's Coda's Halloween costume:

She's been with us just over two weeks and she's just a gem. I honestly can't even imagine a better puppy for us. She's playful, yet respectful. She follows me everywhere, but enjoys the rest of the family (teenage boys and husband) just as much. Everyone loves to pick her up because she turns into a floppy rag doll and will just let you cuddle her. I imagine that will get even funnier as she grows bigger (she's about 40 lbs now). She's putting on weight and her itchies and scabs have healed, and thanks to her diet her dry, course coat has turned into a beautiful glossy coat (salmon oil and hemp oil, thanks).
Last night I was out to dinner with friends, and when I came home, my husband was already in bed. he was burning up with fever (flu? ugh) and Coda was curled up next to him on the bed. What happened to "no dogs on the bed"? And this morning I saw the sweetest thing. I walked out front with her as the boys got in the car to go to school. She wandered over to to car, then walked up to Dane and touched him before he shut the door, and then walked back over to me at the front door.
She's not quite housebroken, but she's getting there. She still hasn't figured out how to tell me and she's managed to escape to the basement a few times -- but all things considered, that the best place to mess. She's also very considerate in the yard. Even though her domain is about 3/4 of an acre, she poops in pretty much the same spot on the corner of the property.
We just flagged the yard for the e-fence and will start training her this week. She's remained in the yard (supervised, of course) but has started chasing squirrels and straying a tad outside of the yard boundaries, so she'll learn via a tone on the collar where her property ends. She's a quick learner. She sits on command (via verbal or hand signal) and comes when called. Pretty good for two weeks.
I'm so glad she found us.
L.A. in MD

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 20, 2009 at 4:18pm
She did escape one day from a wire cage that I had to tie one corner because I couldn't find one of the poles for it. The next day, got a pole and she did not get out. This is one of the metal cage type crates.. At night, she was in a very large carrier crate and was fine next to my bed. She also had company when alone, so maybe try leaving the TV or radio on for company. She doesn't like to be caged, but until she learns...

I am rooting for her and you. Keep us up to date.

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Comment by L.A. Brickner on October 20, 2009 at 10:19am
What a Houdini! She spent way too much time in her crate (in my son's bedroom) yesterday because I didn't want to take her on a long car ride in the morning due to carsickness. She managed to grab my son's blanket and sheet and guitar strap and suck them into the cage and shred them, along with her foam crate pad. What a mess! Then the whole family went out last night, so she was crated again, this time in the larger crate in the kitchen. She had previously managed to somehow break the lower latch on the crate and escape. I repaired the crate (using wire and electrical tape), plus put a carabiner on it to secure the latch. She managed to somehow bend/break off more wires from the crate and escape again! You wouldn't believe the condition of this crate, one that is designed for a large dog! I'm taking it back to the pet store for a replacement.
I can't cover the crate to soothe her because she sucks the blanket in and shreds it. I'm going to try getting some better toys to hide treats in for distractions to see if that helps. I'm also going to try taking a step back, having her spend shorter time periods in the crate while we're home so get her used to it. Any other suggestions?
She's lucky she's so cute, because she's been creating puppy havoc these last two days!

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 18, 2009 at 2:01pm
Beautiful girl! I am glad she is doing well and everyone loves her, that will be the best training for her. I am also glad the vet gave her something for her rash. The antibiotic could be upsetting the tummy a little, too. It has been quiet around here this week, I used to think 4 dogs was a lot but after having 6, 4 is not so bad. LOL Kiss that doodle nose for me and my pack. Jazz misses having a puppy to play with. Good thing he has Jack.

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Comment by L.A. Brickner on October 18, 2009 at 1:42pm
Coda's curled up on my feet right now taking a nap:) I need to get her outside to get great photos, but all this rain isn't helping. Coda's settling right in. The neighbor girls actually asked to come over and "babysit" and while they were here, gave her a bath and baked a batch of brownies, so my teenage boys are really happy Coda is with us. She still hasn't figured out how to tell us that she needs to go out, so she's having accidents now and then, but we'll learn. I teach dogs to ring a large jingle bell attached by a ribbon to the door. That way we can take it with us on vacation and she knows what to do. I got her to ring the bell this morning (soynut butter on the bell) so hopefully we'll have some progress soon. We're sick of soggy but unproductive trips outside, but the muddy pawprints on my kitchen floor are cute -- at least for now!
Coda's still been having issues with carsickness. Funny, but she was fine coming home from NJ and she was fine the first day I took her out and about, but now she's throwing up within the first 10 minutes in the car. The boys were so concerned the first day she was throwing up that they insisted that she go to the vet. He pronounced her absolutely fine, though. He also gave her antibiotics for a skin infection on her belly, so that may help with the itchies.
I think I have to plan short trips with rewards so that she won't associate the car with stress. I'd rather take her with me as I drive the boys around or go on errands than leave her crated in the house, so I'm hoping she outgrows this sooner rather than later. All in all, though, it's been such a great week for both of us and I'm just so happy she's part of the family.

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Comment by L.A. Brickner on October 18, 2009 at 1:29pm

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 18, 2009 at 11:42am
Hey LA, update, updates...how's that sweetie pie doing? I hope all is well and she is adjusting to family life. How about some new pictures?

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Comment by Jodie Hart on October 14, 2009 at 10:45pm
I love reading stories like yours. My own Marco is a completely different dog than when we adopted him. Visit his blog sometime and you can read his story too. Please keep us posted!

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 12, 2009 at 9:43am
What's really fabulous is to see the two scared, lost and scraggly puppies that were delivered to my house two weeks ago are now in happy and loving homes, being fed and given love. Two pups, two families and two happy endings.

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