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Goldendoodle carries her oxygen tank on her back

The sick little girl given a new leash of life by her dog: How Mr Gibbs keeps Alida, 3, alive by strapping oxygen tank to his back

  • Alida can run and play with dog as he follows her while carrying oxygen

  • She can survive briefly if tubes come loose from tank on golden doodle
  • Family moved 2,000 miles so she could be with specially-trained animal

A sick little girl is being kept alive thanks to…


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Your Dog Food Education Starts Here

Us older folks might remember and think about it this way, what did dogs eat before dogfood became the way to feed? Scraps and leftovers of the family meal. Think about years ago and the life span of dogs. Dogs lived longer. I remember  dogs living to 18-20+. Now, you hear about so much cancer, liver, kidney and digestive issues that we never heard about years ago mainly because the commercial dog food companies began to put profit over quality and safety.

The first dog food was…


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Science Diet Challenges Halo Pet Food Advertising

Hill's Pet Nutrition brought a National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus challenge against Halo Pet Foods.  Halo agreed to "permanently discontinue" claims made on its website that Science Diet took offense to.  Here are the details... 

The Halo Pet Food claims Hill's Pet Nutrition took issue to…


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Chinese Import Free

Independent Pet Store Owner Jo Bighouse - Midas Touch Health Food in Berryville, VA - recently took a strong stance.  She cleared her store of any pet food or treat that has ingredients sourced from China.  Many other independents have done the same.

Jo shared the decision to remove all pet food/treat products made in China has been evolving since 2007.  "I had alerted my customers to…


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