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This Made Me Smile Today

I was updating the posts for the Northwest, and found an "Urgent" post from October 31st was recently updated to 'pending'.  Here is the dogs photo from October 31st.  Apparently matted so badly the poor guy had to be shaved down.  He doesn't look his best and looks worried.



Here is his updated pending photo.  Amazing what some love and care…


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What I Am Thankful For...

Oh, having 3 dogs is such a joy. Three times the kisses, three times the silliness, three times the laughs. But what I never get is three times the "family photo". Nope, hardly ever. Today is Thanksgiving for my American friends. It is a gloomy day in Ontario, but I looked outside and saw that my tall grass that has yellowed. It is also unusually warm for the end of November in Ontario. I thought why not go outside and maybe the girls will indulge me today with a photo.

Well, I am… Continue

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Wish Abbey Luck

I dropped Abbey off this morning to be spayed. Poor girl. She did not enjoy the car ride without her sisters - she was pretty upset. Then mean mommy left her at the vet :(

I'm worried because she's had reactions to her vaccines, and now I'm nervous about the anesthetic/meds they will have to give her. I spoke to the vet about this and they assured me she will be OK. Still, I can't help but be nervous. Anyways, I can't wait to just get my baby back home…


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