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Introducing a new dog into a "pack"

I know a lot of people aren't fans of Caesar Millan, but I did just see a little piece on his show that makes a lot of sense. He was working with a Puli with fear aggression. When he introduced the dog to his pack, he had the owners rubber band the hair out of the Puli's eyes so that the dog's eyes were clearly visible. He said that would help the pack to not think the dog was weird and help them to read his expressions/intent better. That really does make a lot of sense. I have done that in…


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For two darling, little Schnoodle girls in who are currently living in Cornwall, NY. The family adopted these girls from me about a year ago. The young son has developed severe asthma, and they may have to rehome Thumbelina and Toto. They are heartbroken over this. I suggested they try removing the dogs from the home for a period of time - maybe one or two months - to see if it had any impact on her son's allergies; if it didn't, they could take them back home and continue to look for other…


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OK, time to have some fun

I am starting this blog to bring some laughter and fun onto my page instead of all this sadness and tragedy! Not sure if this is the place to do that, or if I am doing this right, but what the heck.

I'm starting with corny old joke of the day:

What does the dyslexic agnostic do when he can't sleep?

Lies in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if there is a dog!

harhar - oldie but goodie!

OK - someone else's turn!

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