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Meet Flynn - ADOPTED




Flynn is a 3 month old, first gen. Labradoodle boy from a BYB (puppy mill) in PA. This sweet boy was adopted by his "breeder" to a family in New Jersey. He…


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What I Am Thankful For...

Oh, having 3 dogs is such a joy. Three times the kisses, three times the silliness, three times the laughs. But what I never get is three times the "family photo". Nope, hardly ever. Today is Thanksgiving for my American friends. It is a gloomy day in Ontario, but I looked outside and saw that my tall grass that has yellowed. It is also unusually warm for the end of November in Ontario. I thought why not go outside and maybe the girls will indulge me today with a photo.

Well, I am… Continue

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Cornwall dogs


First- it is not only possible, but probable that allergies develop after a year. They are always a delayed reaction. I developed severe cat allergies after having cats for 30 years, and developed a dog allergy after I had the dog for 2 months. (I get immunotherapy shots for both) Having said that, doodles are supposed to be less allergenic, and the fall allergens this year in New England are through the roof.

Are the dogs potty trained? Do…

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A Note on Independent Rescuers

Read more @ …


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For two darling, little Schnoodle girls in who are currently living in Cornwall, NY. The family adopted these girls from me about a year ago. The young son has developed severe asthma, and they may have to rehome Thumbelina and Toto. They are heartbroken over this. I suggested they try removing the dogs from the home for a period of time - maybe one or two months - to see if it had any impact on her son's allergies; if it didn't, they could take them back home and continue to look for other…


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Knowing when the Time is Right!

I often tell people who are searching for a dog, that…

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Meet Sherlock

Sherlock is a 6 month old Giant Schnoodle puppy and will be available after Nov 22.

Sherlock was found as a stray in a rural Southern town and taken to the shelter. He will be coming to NJ…

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OK, time to have some fun

I am starting this blog to bring some laughter and fun onto my page instead of all this sadness and tragedy! Not sure if this is the place to do that, or if I am doing this right, but what the heck.

I'm starting with corny old joke of the day:

What does the dyslexic agnostic do when he can't sleep?

Lies in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if there is a dog!

harhar - oldie but goodie!

OK - someone else's turn!

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What is the Answer?

I'll blog, I'll I am feeling like a fiesty Fido. That so many wonderful oodley kids are in rescue is so sad to me. And, I know it is sad to those breeders who do all of the health and temperament testing possible to provide a puppy with the absolute best… Continue

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Educate Yourself


When I started this website in January 2009, it was because someone said, "There are no Doodles in Rescue," in a Social Forum. As I already had two rescued Labradoodles, some friends and myself began searching through Petfinder, looking for Doodles. What we found, was that there were MANY doodles waiting for love but it was a bit of a job to find them.…


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