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Part 22 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Marco has been bugging me all day wanting to know when we can leave to go trick-or-treating. He is so excited about his dragon costume.

It's only fitting that he should be a dragon because every single time we meet someone new they say Marco looks exactly like Falcor, the flying luckdragon in "The Never Ending Story".…


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Part 21 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Everyday is an adventure with Marco around. It's so much fun to watch his progress on a daily basis. If you'll remember from my earlier posts, when we first adopted him, he was absolutely terrified of the camera and thankfully that seems to be lessening. He will actually look at me when I take his picture now and doesn't run and hide under the bed when the flash goes off. He also delights in playing with all of his toys. He generally has three… Continue

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Silly doodle furcuts

Hi all... the picture you see is one of Tessa's better grooms. But I thought I'd post some photos of Tessa's 'not-so-great' furcuts. Sigh* We've all been there I think.

I finally found a place that REALLY knows the doodle cut. It took a few failed attempts but I am happy now :) Tessa is too! They are really gentle with her and even give a grooming report card! haha. This just cracks me up. Tessa is great during the whole thing except for the… Continue

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Rain = happy dog + frizzy coat!

The winter weather is hitting us hard on City Island.

We have rain for the next 3 days!

I have my good old British Barbar, Coogee has his dog coat for when it gets colder.

We just came back from our afternoon walk, he was so thrilled to splash in every puddle and sniff the wet grass.

He cracked me up when he was under the trees, there were lots of large water drops hitting him and he kept looking up and wondering what/who was dropping things on him! LOL

His coat frizzed… Continue

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We just renamed our new puppy Coda*! She's the cutie that was called "Midnight", one of two pups fostered by Lynne in NJ.

I met Lynne yesterday and brought the little girl home yesterday. She met everyone, but mostly slept yesterday evening. She spent the night in her crate in my son's room and slept until 5am, went out, then went back to sleep. This morning she came to life, exploring the yard and house, and even got a bath. She's amazingly calm and confident -- and very… Continue

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Glad Sad News

My beautiful foster Gabby is going to the most wonderful home a dog could ever wish for. She's is going to be the best friend of a young lady whose parents are heavily involved in dog rescue. She's going to have a huge yard, doggy sibling, and a pet human who is very interested in all kinds of dog activities.

We already miss her silliness, her puppiness, her gentleness and her incredible… Continue

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It all seems so easy with Coogee

Thursday - 8 th 2009

It is wierd to think that we have had Coogee for 5 days already. He is already so at ease here and we can not belive how easy he has been (apart from the very first night!).

He sleeps all through the night, has sniffed the cat but not bother her, eats his food, no more accidental wees in the house, starting to poop regularly outside, really improved on his leash - no too much pulling in all directions AND STILL and gentle as ever!

You can tell that the… Continue

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The doggy routine, complete with Doodle quirks...

Hi All!

Lil' Tessa is turing into quite the Dood. She is turning 2 on November 5th and I can't believe how quickly the time has past. The bouncing bundle of fur is now a LARGE bouncing bundle of fur with more personality than any other dog I know. What is it with Doods always wanting to let you know they are there... no matter what you are doing! Or how about sitting so proudly in front of you for an approving pat or licking your face until it's soaking wet :) My favorite is her… Continue

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Coogee has Whipworms - please find some info

I just had a call from my Vet and they came back with some news of the stool sample. I will have to treat it with some other meds which I shall pick up tommorrow first thing.

Coogee has Whipworms and I found some info as follows.

(Trichuris vulpis, Trichuris campanula) are common in dogs and found throughout the United States. Trichuris serrata may rarely be found in cats. Whipworms get their name from the whip-like shape of the adult worms. The front portion of the… Continue

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Meeting Coogee

Sunday 04th 2009

We headed off to Sandyhook to meet our new pup!

Our son Ollie had been prepared and was already talking about how he is going to have a new friend.

We already have a name picked out, Coogee, is a beach in Sydney Australia. It was the first beach my husband took me to walk on in Australia. I recall laughing at the name and said my next dog would be called Coogee as it sounded perfect for a dog.

Arriving at Sandyhook, it was foggy on one side and… Continue

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