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And so it begins.....

And so it begins... my life as a Doodle Daddy.

Brody came to his new forever home today. To get prepared, I went shopping for my new pal. We got him his bed, and some bowls on an elevated wrought iron stand, a Harley Davidson "Bad To The Bone" matching collar and leash set and of course, TOYS! YAHOO!

Jackie came to our home and met my wife and kids, and introduced us to our new dude... I mean Dood.

As luck would have it, my in-laws came over so the house was… Continue

Added by Kevin on August 28, 2009 at 10:50pm — 14 Comments

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A new home...

A new home in Oakville Ontario!

My boyfriend and I just bought our first home. What an amazing feeling it is. We lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment one city over and with two large breed dogs, it was starting to grate our sanity! Tessa, our doodle, is 64lbs and Cody, the beagle/boxer cross is 57lbs! Phew.

We were worried about the transition with the dogs. Being a new home, new smells... would they mark their territory? Would they chew things? We moved in yesterday and… Continue

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TheRash and the New Collar

Gabby apparently has rather tender skin. Her first collar gave her this horrible rash, all her neck fur fell out. We had it checked to be sure it wasn't anything worse and changed her collar. That helped but we decided that a soft cloth collar would be most gentle for her healing skin.

I went online and decided $15 to $25 was just too much to spend for something I could make with scraps I have at home.

So I've uploaded some new pictures showing her ugly rash and her new… Continue

Added by Gwen A on August 27, 2009 at 1:45pm — 3 Comments

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More pics of Finnegan

Hope I'm not boring you all to tears - Lynne keeps asking for pics so here are some from a concert in the park we went to last night, Finny had a great time!…


Added by Helen on August 21, 2009 at 11:46am — 7 Comments

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Finnegan Update

Finn had a great weekend. We spent all day yesterday at my friends' house with their 9-month old viszla, Wrigley. They have a HUGE fenced-in backyard and a in-ground pool and Finnegan had a great time exploring the yard, swimming in the pool and playing with Wrigley. The two dogs got along great except when Wrigley would bark and bark in Finn's face to try and get Finn to chase him. I heard Finnegan growl for the first time - he really didn't like the barking. Not that I can blame him, I found… Continue

Added by Helen on August 17, 2009 at 10:26am — 1 Comment

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Pics of Finnegan

Added by Helen on August 12, 2009 at 2:16pm — 2 Comments

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Finnegan's Weekend

Finny had a great weekend. He is such a wonderful dog!!! He is PERFECT in every way. Saturday was a mellow day - he really likes to sleep. He had an early morning walk down to the local coffee shop and he loved that. He slept most of the day with occasional visits to the backyard. I think maybe our big Friday night concert & company for dinner might have worn him out so I let him chilll all day.

Sunday we went up to my brother's in Metuchen for my brother's birthday bbq. There… Continue

Added by Helen on August 10, 2009 at 10:28am — 3 Comments

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A little piece of my heart is missing!

And it was stolen by Trumbull! He went to his new forever home in Columbus today to live with his new Mom and Dad and his new sister Winnie, a Gordon Setter mix.

Farewell Trumbull. Guard that piece of my heart that you stole! May you have the best life ever! You deserve it my little man. You will live here in my heart forever!!

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Finnegan's third day

Finny had a great day. My cousin was visiting and they hung out and Finny was very friendly to him. I had people over for dinner and Finnegan loved every minute of it. At one point, I looked in my front living room and there were three people sitting on the couch around Finn and petting him while he sat in the middle of the couch. He was very cute just sitting there having everyone pet him.

We walked down to Riverside Garden Park for an outdoor concert at 7:30p. Finny really likes… Continue

Added by Helen on August 8, 2009 at 12:26am — 2 Comments

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Finnegan's Second Day

Finny had a great second day. He's really getting comfortable in his new home. I left him for several hours to do errands, shopping etc. and he was as good as gold. He's fond of my living room couch and when I go out, he climbs up there to sleep. When I'm home, he always sleeps on his dog bed. I think he thinks he's sneaking onto the couch which is funny because I don't mind if he gets on the couch and I try to get him to come up beside me but he just lays his head on my lap and leaves his body… Continue

Added by Helen on August 7, 2009 at 12:28am — 1 Comment

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Finnegan's first day in his new home

Lynne brought Finnegan over today as she thought it would be better for her to be here with him when he first saw his new home. It was great seeing him again, and Lynne too of course. I really admire the work she and Jackie are doing especially when you see how happy and special their rescued doodles are....Finnegan looked great! He gained a bit of weight these past couple of weeks and seems so happy.

I felt bad for him and Lynne after she left.… Continue

Added by Helen on August 5, 2009 at 3:26pm — 8 Comments

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