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Issue 2011-24, June 11, 2011
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Why is Seamus still waiting for his Forever Family? He is a sweet boy who is still available for adoption in NJ. He is a Bordoodle (Border Collie/Poodle) and will be a wonderful family dog. Read his BLOG on Wordpress.
Visit your Regional Listings to see Beautiful Oodles and Doodles Waiting for Their Forever Family. JOIN your region and FOLLOW, to get email updates when the Listings are Updated.
Anyone who fosters for us will earn $50 (upon adoption) or will have first option to adopt. We know that times are tough all around and that some people probably want to foster but just can't make the financial commitment. So here is a way to save two lives (the dog you foster and the space that opens at the shelter) and not go broke in the process! Of course, we always provide vet care and will help with any other expenses that come up.
What if you have to REHOME your Oodle Dog?
Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective has an amazing track record of helping families rehome their dogs. In just a year, we have helped to rehome 29 dogs. REHOMING is a difficult and sad thing a family must do. There are many reasons why you may feel you need to do this, but there are RESPONSIBLE ways and those that are not.
We offer a safe, secure and FREE service to rehomers, that works. We will not make you surrender your dog, we will help you find the very best home.
Read our REHOME GUIDELINES and work with us to rehome your dog.
Our Rehome Service helps us continue to rescue, list and save Oodle Dogs in Need.

Buddy is an abused little Beagle dog being fostered by our Collective Partner, Pat in MD.

After being kicked in the head and blinded, Buddy was dumped in a Baltimore kill shelter to die. Despite all that, he is sweet and cuddly and gets along fine. But pressure is building up behind his eyes which will kill him unless he has surgery. If you can spare a few dollars to help Buddy have his surgery, please Paypal to msdoggone@aol.com.


PLEASE remember to keep our friend Kris and her Doodles at The Last Resort Poodle Preserve Sanctuary in your thoughts and Prayers. If you can donate a few dollars a week, please keep helping, feed, house and nurture her beautiful Special Needs Doodles. Thank you to everyone who have been donating.

Paypal: rescuerehab@earthlink.net



For New Members

For Discussion

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Emilie can tell you. Stop using all those Chemicals on your pets.


What about Annual Vaccines?

Do you know that the recommendations have changed? Re-vaccinating every year is hurting your pet.


Can't afford Vet care? There are options. Let's discuss it and build the list.

Read, "Etiquette for Applying to and Dealing with Rescue and Shelter People." Please fill out applications and don't send inquiries. Most rescue and shelter people are volunteers. All we know is in the ad.

Jump into a discussion. We all learn by talking about it. Don't go it alone. Most of our members have rescued their doodles and are a wealth of information. Ask!

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Our Collective Hearts go out to member, Gene, on the loss of his beloved, Jonah.


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Meet Luke in NJ

Meet Seamus in NJ

Meet Moses in KY

Meet Mollie in NJ

Mollie's Blog

Meet Bear in NJ

Meet Billie in NJ
Meet Buster in NJ
Meet Georgie in NJ

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We are really growing! Have you noticed we passed the 2000 member mark? With this much "Collective" power, we can solve any problem, offer support to prospective and new adoptive families and a strong community to rely on.
Our Forum is the best place to ask your questions, share your stories or show off your pictures.

The Doodle Messenger has a really nice fundraiser going. Order your Check Books or Calendars and help support this wonderful cause

$5 to our Rescue for every Tee Shirt Sold.

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