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Issue: 2011 Number 13 ~~ April 9, 2011
~~ Oodle/Poodle/Doodle/Schnoodle/Poo-Mix Rescue ~ Rehome ~ Listings ~ Community ~~
Welcome Kary ~~ To Our Team of Searchers & Listers ~~ Thank you.
Welcome Back, To Our Friend, Judy. We missed you.
Hey Elizabeth...Are you There Yet? Gunn Dogs is Moving to NC. Get Ready!

Oodles of Doodles Adoptable Oodles

Meet Luke in NJ

Meet Seamus in NJ

Meet Kailey in NJ

Meet Leroy in MD

Meet Dolly in NJ

Meet Brady in NJ

We have several pups arriving in NJ in the coming weeks. If you can foster and are in Central Jersey, please help us out. This would be short term fostering and you would be saving a life, too. CLICK HERE for our Foster Application


Our friend, Kris has given sanctuary to special needs doodles in Colorado. These are beautiful dogs who would have been killed, if Kris didn't take them in. Now, Kris is in a dire financial situation and needs our help. If all our readers just send a few dollars, it would help feed her doodles and make a huge difference in their lives. Please open your heart and send anything you can, now!


Don't Forget...If you found your Furever Friend through our listings, please come let us know. We love Happy Tales. Visit our Happy Tales and share your story. We will highlighting these stories here in our Newsletter in the coming weeks.

Adoptable LISTINGS

~~ Northeast Listings ~~ Southeast Listings ~~ Midwest Listings ~~
~~ Canadian Listings ~~ Northwest Listings ~~
~~ Southwest Listings ~~ California Listings ~~


Oodle Doodle in the Spotlight:

 Luke is a great little Schnoodle looking for his forever home in NJ. Read his BLOG and if you are dog savvy, have another dog and can give him patience and love, Adopt Lukey.

FOSTER PARTNERS WANTED-Join our Team & Help Us Save More Oodles !

Fostering is so very important and helps keep beautiful Oodle / Poodle / Doodles out of kill shelters. Please consider becoming a foster family. Visit DOODLE SOUP: A Blog to read about what Fostering Should and Shouldn't be.

Read "Eight Reasons You Can Foster a Pet - Even if You Think You Can't" by Emily Fromm.


Please remember that if you know someone who can no longer keep their pet, tell them to NOT take him or her to a shelter. The shelters in this country are so full that surrendered dogs and cats are given only a few days and then they are killed. Tell them about our services, foster them yourselves and we'll help by listing or ask the family if we might help them by listing their pets and helping them find a new home. This service is free to both rehomers and adopters. Help us keep it free, with a small donation. 


Our Forum is the best place to ask your questions. If you are looking for your Forever Friend, we can help. "What are You Looking For?" is a great place to start. Jump into a discussion. We all learn by discussion.

Did you Know? 33% of dog owners say they call and leave messages for their pooches. Do you? Tell the truth.....


If you are with a Dog Rescue Group and would like to have a presence on Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective, let us know. Join our "Collective" and have a Group Page of your own. Let me know your Petfinder Addy and we can add your dogs to our Scroller on the Main Page.

Read "What is An Animal Advocate" on Doodle Soup and tell us what you do.

Doodle Soup: a blog is now on Wordpress:

Adopters should read "Etiquette for Applying to and Dealing with Rescue and Shelter People." It is a helpful read if you are searching for your Forever Friend. Stop sending inquiries and asking questions. Most are volunteers and don't have the time. Fill out applications, lots of them. Make sure you match the requirements and increase your chances.

And...if you are about to "Bring That Rescue Dog Home," you should keep a few things in mind in the first few weeks.

Subscribe to our Doodle Soup Blogs on Wordpress.

GUEST BLOGS WELCOME ~~Send to rescuecollective@gmail.com

IN HEALTH & MEDICAL RESOURCES: When Should you call your Veterinarian? Do you Know what to Look For?

Do you Have any Home Remedies you Swear by? Read Dr. Khuly's top 7 Home Remedies.


HAVE A DOG RELATED BUSINESS? Advertise here in our Newsletter. Reach almost 2000 dog lovers every week with targeted advertising. Special - $25 for Two Months. Proceeds Benefit Rescue & Rehome Needs. Send .jpeg logo and Paypal to rescuecollective@gmail.com. Let's Do Business Together.




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