We hope you find this to be a fun, friendly and informative community! Before you get started here are some tips to help you navigate around and make your stay an enjoyable one. If you have questions about how to navigate  this site please read through this page first. If you still have a question, don't be afraid to ask.


Please read our GUIDELINES and DISCLAIMER:





Take a moment to personalize your page!  When you go to "MY PAGE" look under your profile photo and you'll see options to change your theme or photo.

Public vs. Private Profile...You choose which is right for you!  Your profile is automatically visible to all members unless you make yours private--however, NOBODY can see your profile (regardless of privacy status) unless they are a member of this site.  Once you make your profile private, then both your photos and your profile page become invisible to members unless you make them your "friend" on this site. Don't put any personal information unless you want others to see it. The profile questions with a LOCK next to them can only be seen by you and the Administrators of the site.



The tabs at the top of the main page contain most of the web content for this site. For example:


1. Although there's a slideshow on the main page, on the bottom left hand side of the main forum you will find the site slideshow with a complete library of members photos on this site. If you click on that slideshow, you can view all members photos.


2. The main page will only show 20 active discussions at once. There are MANY more discussions that you can see by clicking on the "DISCUSSION TOPICS" tab at the top. This will bring you to the page with a list of ALL discussions that have been posted in the main forum.


3. Check out the all of our "GROUPS" by clicking the "GROUPS AND RESOURCES" tab at the top. This will bring you to the page where you will see all of the groups on our site.




Since there are hundreds of members on the site, you can develop your own smaller "community" by joining or creating a group.   When you do so, you can have more “intimate” chats, plan events, and communicate with group members more easily.  We encourage shelters and rescues to form their own groups. 

TO CREATE A GROUP you must be signed in as a member of the site.  Here's how you can create your own groups:


1. Go to the network’s "GROUPS AND RESOURCES" tab. Click on the tab. This will bring you the page that lists ALL of the groups on this site. Click on the “ADD A GROUP” link at the top right of the Groups page.


2. Choose a group name, image and web address. If you want your group image to keep its proportions and not look fuzzy (pixelated) once you upload it, make sure to upload a square image that is at least 171 pixels x 171 pixels in size.


3. Write a short description of that group for the group’s page—information other network members will see when browsing groups.

4. Choose the features you want your group to have (Comments, Discussion Forum, Text Box, RSS Reader)

***  Make sure to select the correct privacy option for your group, because once a group is created you can’t change the privacy setting.  ***

5. Decide if members will be allowed to send messages to the entire group.
Finally, click “CREATE GROUP” and start inviting network members to your group!




To view all of the discussions on the site, click on  the "DISCUSSION TOPICS" tab on the top of the main page. This will bring you to the page with all of the discussion topics that are in the main forum. Once here, you can sort discussions by how recently they were posted, how popular they are...etc.


You can also search for a particular discussion by using the "SEARCH" field.  For example, if you want to see if there is a discussion about grooming, type in the word "grooming" as a keyword in the search field. 


When starting a new discussion, click on "START NEW DISCUSSION" field at the top right hand corner.   Be sure to use the applicable discussion category.


The main screen will only display 20 discussions at a time, but there are MANY, MANY more great discussions in the Forum. The discussions that appear in the main screen are in the order of how recent the last post contribution was made.   (most recent on top). In other words, by posting in a discussion, you bump that discussion up in the order.


Before posting in the Discussion Forum, please search our past discussions--your doodle question has likely already been asked and answered in the past.  The forum archives are a wealth of knowledge...  Use it for all it's worth!  If you can't find what you're looking for, by all means post in the forum. The search bar is on the top right of ever page.


You must be a member of this forum to make comments or follow discussions. Remember to click on "FOLLOW" and "NOTIFY" at the bottom right hand corner of all Discussions, and Groups so that you receive e-mail notifications of new discussions started and new posts. You will not have to do this if you are actually the creator of the Discussion or Discussion in a Group, but you will have to do it in someone else'sDiscussion if you want to "Follow" it.  


In the event you miss an email update, important announcements are always in the forum, at the top under "FEATURED DISCUSSIONS/ANNOUNCEMENTS." You can also look at the "LATEST ACTIVITY" on the "MAIN PAGE" for what is happening now.




To upload photos, go to your page and click on "PHOTOS" on the left hand side.  This will bring you to the "UPLOAD PAGE" Click on “UPLOAD PHOTOS,” and you’ll be prompted to upload 8 photos, with 8 different “browse” buttons.  When you click on the“BROWSE” button, you can locate the photo on your computer and select that photo by clicking your mouse on it.  


After uploading photos, you’ll have the opportunity to rename them and write a description of what’s in the photo.   When you upload photos, they appear in 2 places: on your page, and in the main library of photos.




What are "Tags?" 


Tags are a great way to categorize discussions, photos and videos by their content.   


Why tag? 


It helps you find related items.  You can click the tag to find any other posts that also use the tags.   It also helps people find this site when they are searching Google and the web for related content.   


How can I "tag?"


EXAMPLE: If you start a discussion thread about your favorite summer vacation spots, you may want to tag it "summer vacation" and "suggestions." Be sure to put any multiple word tags in quotes.When you publish the post, those tags will appear under the text.



Please note the difference between a "BLOG" and a "FORUM DISCUSSION"

"Blog" is short for web log--think of a blog as a public diary or journal entry.  It's your chance to share your experience or thoughts when you don't expect answers, advice or a discussion in return--you may still get some of these, but if your goal is to spark a discussion, get answers or get advice...you should post in the main forum. The main forum is more prominently displayed and you will more likely get responses there.  The forum is for discussions and asking questions as well as notifying members of important matters.  You'll also find announcements for members and the occasional off topic discussion. So...blog for when you are sharing and don't need answers.  Forum for when you want responses and answers/discussion.






On most pages of the site, you'll see a "SEARCH" button.  You can use this to locate specific information.  For example, if you want to see if your friend Jennifer is a member, go to the Members tab.  Use "Jennifer" as the keyword in the search field and hit enter.   You can also do this on the photos page, the forum section...etc.  Use this feature!  It's helpful!









Any text that is a different color and underlined is a "HYPERLINK" or a portal to another screen.  For example: If a member's name is underlined, you can click on it and go directly to view their page.



We do not have a problem with you advertising your group, business or organization, as long as it is RESCUE RELATED. We would appreciate the opportunity to place a link to that group, business or organization in our "FRIENDS AND PARTNERS" list. Please let us know about your business, group or organization and we will list it if it qualifies and benefits RESCUE. Send a request to:






if you would like to advertise on our site.


Have fun and post lots of photos!!!

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