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We Need Your Help!
Most of you know that Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective is based out of Central New Jersey and everyone here has been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Many of our neighbors lost everything. We were luckier than most and all our foster dogs have weathered the storm fine but there is much need. We have been assisting as we can to help others and have donated supplies, Thundershirts and other items to local relief efforts. We have also offered to house dogs whose owners have been displaced. We have over 4500 members and if every one of you could just donate a few dollars, we could bring more. You can use the Paw to the Left or go to and donate to (put "NJ Relief" in the Comment Box) or use our Wish List to order specific items. Some of the most needed items are food and blankets, as some shelters still do not have power. We have added blankets and pet food and Gift Cards to our Amazon Wish List to bring to local shelters and families. If you can help the pets of NJ stay safe and warm, please help.
Our Collective Hearts Break for the loss of life, the displaced families and pets, and devastation throughout this region
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If you think any of your friends may be interested in this service & community, Please forward this to them.

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