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Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective has:    

Over 3400 members

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Over 185,000 dogs Listed        

Serving the

   Poodle/Doodle World    

   since 2008 & on this

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   January 2009

This is where people

can look for their

perfect "Oodle" by

searching through our

listings, share tips and

advice about feeding

their dogs, get help

with behavior issues,

or training, ask

questions or just

love this "breed."

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~~ Beautiful Boy in TX, rescued by IDOG needs cataract surgery to see. Please Donate Today.

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Welcome to all our New Members!      
There's so much on our website to explore. The Main Forum is full of   discussions, going back to 2009, that   would helpful for folks searching for their new dog, understanding the Doodle, or reasons why rescues look for adopters with a physical fence. The oldest discussion dates back to Jan 22, 2009 and talks about How Things Work on our Website.

Visit your Regional Listings to see Beautiful Oodles and Doodles Waiting for Their Forever Family. JOIN your region and FOLLOW, to get email updates when the Listings are Updated.
Our Adoptable Listings

FOSTER PARTNERS WANTED in Central NJ (for OofD), SWest VA (for Critters) and NWest NC (for Gunn Dogs) - Join our Team & Help Us Save More Oodles, Doodles and Fuzzies!

Oodle/ Poodle / Doodle / Schnoodle / Poo-Mix Rescue ~ Terriers, too!
Oodles of Doodles Adoptable Oodles

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 SWVA Critters is now on Adopt-a-Pet, too.

 $5 to our Rescue for every tee sold.

Help us get Home:


 Will & Grace/NJ

Chilly & Scruffy /TN

 Dudley & Dupree/OH
                    Rio /TX

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