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This is where people
can look for their
perfect "Oodle" by
searching through our
listings, advice about

their dogs, get help
with behavior issues,
or training, ask
questions or just
love this "breed."

As a rescue, we have saved almost 500 dogs from kill shelters & Rehoming Situations.


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The Holidays pose many dangers to our pets. Did you know too much turkey can kill your dog? Or that Poinsettias are poisonous? Read about more Holiday Dangers.


Why are Christmas Puppies NOT a good idea?

Welcome to all our New Members!
There's so much on our website to explore.
The Main Forum is full of discussions, going back to 2009, that would helpful for folks searching for their new dog, understanding the Doodle, or reasons why rescues look for adopters with a physical fence. The oldest discussion dates back to Jan 22, 2009 and talks about
How Things Work on our Website.
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