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Issue: 2011 Number 8 ~~ March 12, 2011
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Springing Ahead Tonight Means Earlier Mornings But Later Sunsets
Time for Yard Clean-ups, Thinking about Fleas & Ticks and Bikini's

Dealing With Behavior Issues? Join and Let's Discuss them.

Oodles of Doodles Doodle of the Week

Meet Tink

New Look

Our Site and Newsletter are sporting a new look and a renewed commitment to bringing attention to the many, many beautiful Poodle-mix Dogs waiting for their chance at love in shelters and rescues across North America.


If you found your Furever Friend through our listings, please come let us know. We love Happy Tales. Visit our Happy Tails and share your story. We will highlighting these stories here in our Newsletter in the coming weeks.


When I first saw this face on a KY Kill Shelter's website, there was something about that face that caused me to keep coming back to it. Read Gabe's Happy Tail.


Adoptable LISTINGS

Our Listings are the most comprehensive, anywhere... Listing all sorts of Poodle-Mix dogs. Please remember to JOIN your region and FOLLOW (at the bottom) so that you receive an email when the listings are updated. Our listers - Jeannine, Sue, Harriet, Susan, Deb, Joann and Linda scour Petfinder and other listing sites to find these gorgeous dogs. In the coming weeks, look for a NEW look to the listings, too.


The economy continues to bring families to us who need to rehome their pets due to unforseen circumstances.

If you are in Florida or Kentucky, we have beautiful Doodles looking for their new Forever Homes. They are wonderful dogs and need their chance. JOIN our REHOME SERVICES and take a look.





Tess and Toby in FL & Lincoln in KY need to find their LOVE. (Click on their Pic for info)




For Discussion:

Did you know...those Spot-on Flea and Tick Killers do nothing until the icky critters are on your pet and in your home? We are discussing Diatomacious Earth as a Natural Alternative. Have you used this? Come discuss it with us.

Petfinder is celebrating their 15th Anniversary and is asking everyone to ADOPT THE INTERNET on March 15, 2011. What does this mean? Come check it out.

Communities are brought together by interests. Let us know what you need, what you're looking for and how we can help you.

Start a discussion in the Forum or in the Regional Group Pages.

Have a favorite Dog Book? Come share it with us.

The Dog Food Group Discusses Feeding our Dogs.

Breed Information Pages available to view.


HAVE A DOG RELATED BUSINESS? Advertise here in our Newsletter. Reach almost 2000 dog lovers every week with targeted advertising. Special $25 for Two Months. Proceeds Benefit Rescue & Rehome Needs. Send .jpeg and Paypal to Let's Do Business Together.


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The Original Doodle Rescue Collective
Now Rescue Resource Collective


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