Pledge to Quality and Origin

It is very simple…

we are asking pet food and pet treat manufacturers to provide us their Pledge to Quality and Origin of ingredients.

We have to ask, because…

FDA Compliance Policies allow pet food ingredients to be sourced from bird and rodent feces contaminated foods or diseased animal tissues;

 In recent years, some foods or ingredients sourced from China have been linked to pet death and illness;

  None of these risks are clearly stated on the pet food or treat label.

So, we are simply asking for their Pledge; their promise to grade/quality of ingredients and their promise to country of origin of ingredients that make up pet foods and treats.

On behalf of pet food consumers, is requesting all pet food/treat manufacturers to provide a Pledge of Quality and Origin.   Hundreds of pet food companies have been sent the following request…

Using the style/format found here:  provide your company name, address and website.  List all ingredients in your pet foods/treats.  This includes all meats, organ meats, by-products, by-product meals, meat meals, fish, fish meals, oils, fats, grains, vegetables, fruits, flavorings, supplements, vitamins and minerals.  Provide the quality information and origin information in respective columns.  Sign information as your Pledge.  Forward completed forms to

All requests for Pledge of Quality and Origin and all completed forms will become public information and maintained as a service to pet food consumers on  If you choose, provide your completed Pledge of Quality and Origin on your website as a personal pledge to your customers.

Thank you for participating in this valuable effort to provide pet food consumers with transparency.

The following Pledges have been received…truly, unprecedented pet food transparency…

Answers Pet Food
Click Here to view Pledge

BioEthics Pet Food
Click Here to view Pledge

Carna4 Pet Food
Click Here to view Pledge

Frenchie’s Kitchen Pet Food
Click Here
 to view Pledge

Fresh Fetch Pet Foods
Click Here
 to view Pledge

Goodness Gracious Pet Treats (dog and cat treats)
Click Here to view Pledge

The Honest Kitchen Pet Foods
Click Here to view Pledge
Click Here to view Honest Kitchen Certified Organic Statement

K9 Natural Pet Food
Click Here to view Pledge

Lucky Dog Cuisine
Click Here to view Pledge

Nature’s Logic Pet Food
Click Here to view Pledge

PeopleFud Pet Food
Click Here to view Pledge

Raw Health Pet Foods
Click Here to view Pledge

Rudy Greens Pet Foods
Click Here to view Pledge

Woof Stop Barkery (dog treats)
Click Here to view Pledge

It should be noted – this is a HUGE effort by these pet food companies.  Not only is giving their Pledge publically a tremendous step forward in pet food transparency, the task of compiling the information for us is not simple and it is very time consuming for any manufacturer.  Thank you! to all that have provided this information and Pledged.

If the pet food company you support is not listed above, it’s probably not because they haven’t been asked to participate.  I personally have sent hundreds of emails to pet food manufacturers asking them to Pledge.  As well, many readers have asked many manufacturers.  But…please keeping asking them.  Pet food consumers derserve transparency.

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I have used Honest Kitchen before and can vouch that is is good food. They are a very good company! The others have to be also, if they are willing to sign this pledge!

Another resource to send people when they ask what should we feed. Of course, I always start with homecooking.

I was just looking at Nature's Logic...that looks like great kibble.

Let me know how they like it. I am still alternating between Fromm and Origen but I notice they aren't on the list above. They are rated high on the Petsumer Report but I like that these companies have pledged to be open.

My two can't handle Fromm (poops are soft) and Orijen has gotten so expensive. I like the fact that there are no peas or potatoes in Nature's Logic. It has great reviews, but my local store doesn't carry it or anyone nearby. I would have to order it online. Dog Food Advisor enthusiastically recommends this food.

I can buy Honest Kitchen from my local store, which I try to support as much as I can. I emailed the Nature's Logic customer service and they are sending me a couple of samples. They seem very responsive.

Here is a note from the President of Honest Kitchen.....a limited recall...UGH!


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