Brody: Needs Help
Labrador Retriever,Standard Poodle
Size: Large
Age: Baby
Sex: Male

Brody is a 5 month old Male Labradoodle. Brody has a liver shunt that need corrective surgery. After losing his home he has being staying with a relative that does not have room for him nor the money to help Brody. Our hope is that possibly someone in a better financial situation might be able to step up for Brody to adopt him and take care of his medical needs. If you can donate to help Brody that would be wonderful.

DRRC Member, Teresa Coryell House didn't think twice, but went to the shelter and adopted Brody. She and her family just adored this little boy and assumed the responsibility of helping him. She took him to her vet, then to the University of MN to have him treated.

Sadly, Brody's condition was untreatable and his quality of life would have deteriorated rapidly so Teresa had to make that terrible, difficult decision, to have him put to sleep.

Here is an excerpt from Teresa's letter to us:

"Thank you so much for your kind words! All the support has been so great and I was confident that we were doing the right thing.

He was an absolutely amazing dog. We all took to him immediately. It was impossible not to. My kids (2 & 4) adored him and it seemed totally mutual. They were kind and gentle with him and it confirmed that we were indeed ready for a dog and that this was the right one.

So...I took him to the UofMN yesterday. There were several options for confirming his situation and thereby determining the best course of action. Of course, the most expensive option made the most sense: least invasive, most certain, etc. He had an MRI this morning. Everyone missed him today and we were very much looking forward to having him back home.

Unfortunately, his situation is far worse than could have ever been imagined. He has a liver shunt, but it's internal and huge. It cannot be corrected surgically. There are a number of things that just didn't develop appropriately in utero. Are options are 1) bring him home, feed him a very restricted diet and medicate him. He will eventually have siezures and butt his head against the wall regularly. He will have a poor quality of life - likely very soon or 2) put him down.

Given our situation with the kids, as well as our immediate adoration of him, it seems that the most humane thing for everyone involved is to put him down. We are devastated.

I will not let him be alone and will drive to the U to be with him. He deserves all the love he can be shown. He certainly does not deserve to have the kind of life that seems to be destined for him."

Our hearts are broken for this sweet boy and for the House Family. Brody found true love and his forever home in the last days of his life and didn't suffer alone and we will always remember his sweet, innocent eyes.

Rest in peace, Brody. Run, romp and play at the Bridge...until we meet again!

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