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At 6:40am on January 2, 2012, Laurie Pharr Thomas said... 

Hey Everybody!!!  Happy New Year!

    I finally got a puppy, and she is absolutely and beautiful!!!  I got her a month or 2 ago!!!  She is absolutely perfect, but also totally untrained!  I named her Faith, because nobody knew her name.  She is an 11 month old...something.  I think sheis a pug mix, all I know is that she is a rescue dog and they were getting ready to kill her, which... is beyond words for me how anyone can do that to a puppy.  I am not able to get her into a class, so I have to train her myself, only I don't know how.  This is going to be an excellent, fun, exciting, and an adventure.  I liked to put he in my sister's backyard and let her run, until "Faith" found the hole in the fence.  She gets loose, runs around the neighborhood, and gets caught in the fence of the German Shepard, which says "Beware of Dog," and other warnings all over it.  She will not come back when we all call her name.  She just loves to run.  She is 12 lbs. and is solid black, and I am terrified she will either get hit by a car, or eaten by the other dogs.  I got a bright red harness, and jacket with a reflecter stripe in case she ever gets away again. 

    Does anyone have any ideas about where I need to start, as far as training is concerned?  I would like her to come to her name when I call her, for starters.  How do I do this?  I went to the library and got some books the other day and did get The Monks of New Skete, plus many others.  I will be able to start reading them tonight.  Any suggestions would be very appreciated. 

    I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and you and all of your pets are very blessed.  I hope I am sending this to the correct email.  I could not fine anything that said Feedback.  Please let me know where to find that.  Thank You for this wonderful site! 

Take Care... Laurie Thomas

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