Did you watch it last night?

Jack, the 18-month-old Labradoodle and his owner were the subjects. The owner considered Jack her best friend and was pretty wishy-washy, letting him nip her and bolt out the door and not come when she called him, etc.

It seems the common thread in the books I've been reading (The Loved Dog, The Dog Whisperer, ebooks by Michele Welton) and the things I've been watching (The Loved Dog DVD and the show last night) is that the owner must be the "pack leader." If the owner doesn't set high expectations and isn't in charge, it equals chaos for the dog and behavior problems result.

Anyway, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the show!

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It's important to use techniques that work for you and your dog. For example, I try to loose leash walk Tessa but it is her tendancy to pull so I bought a gentle leader and she walks much more civilized.

Tessa is quite confident and I must remember that 63lbs is a lot of dog to control sometimes. I do have to be firm with her sometimes to get my point across. I am the boss and she cannot do certain things with me unless she is invited to do so, i.e., getting on the couch. It is about respect for sure.

I watch The Dog Whisperer quite a bit. Ellen, you have not offended me :) I think the dogs appear worried because they have never had discipline before. The dogs are probably thinking, "Who is this guy?!"

I might look into the clicker stuff... I've heard good things about it. Hmmm

Happy Doodling!


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