Joan asked:
"I really need help,,, how do i teach our 2 year old cockapoo not to jump on people when they come in our door. He is so excited and happy but it is annoying, thanks"

Hi Joan, jumping up is one of those actions doggies do that really drive people crazy. I have never been big on training but many people have gone to training classes to address unwanted behavior. You need to be consistent and not allow the behavior, ever. It might take some time but in a 2 yr old, she is past the puppy & teen stage and should be easier to train. I am not a big trainer person and if you are persistent & consistent, she will get the message.

Find something she goes nuts for, like cubes of chicken or beef or cheese and work with a partner who can come in & out of your house, and start putting her in a stay or sit position, give her the treat& good girl, keep saying your command and when the person comes in and she goes to jump, put her back in the stay & have the person leave again. Keep repeating it until she makes the connection to the treat and the wanted behavior. Give much praise and tell your partner to turn his back to her if she goes to jump.

When a guest gives pets and hugs when the dogs are jumping, they are reinforcing bad behavior. Change the behavior by using something she likes better. If she is not food motivated, you can make her food motivated with real liver, chicken, cheese or beef cubes. Use these only for training and give only when the desired behavior is displayed. It really only takes a few hours for them to get them message but then you have to do it every time after.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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To stop counter surfing, place a few empty cookie sheets on the counter. It takes only a time or two that they bring all that crashing down on them for them to get the message. The sound will scare the heck out of you, too. But only takes 1 or 2 times and they are cured.
Comment by Jenny Jackson on August 28, 2009 at 1:01pm

Oh goodness, counter surfing! Tessa did this as a puppy... she is just so curious, she wants to see everything! Try a tin full of pennies and rattle it when she jumps to startle her and direct her somewhere else. That helped us.


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