Pantano claims family being harassed by "liberal activists" over puppy ...

WWAY NewsChannel 3 - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Ilario Pantano claims the president of a puppy rescue group is harassing him and his family and has thrust his Goldendoodle puppies into a political battle. Jacquie Yorke, the President of the Doodle Rescue Society in New Jersey ...

Pantano claims politics playing part in puppy problems

WECT-TV6 - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Republican Congressional Hopeful Ilario Pantano says politics is playing a role in a current issue his family is having with a dog rescue organization out of New Jersey. The Pantano family recently took in two rescue puppies ...

Ex-candidate for Congress IIario Pantano does battle over pair of puppies - Patrick Gannon - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
IIario Pantano's latest battle has nothing to do with US Rep. Mike McIntyre, but instead it focuses on two goldendoodle puppies that his boys named Jack Jack and Tullulah. Pantano, the Wilmington Republican and former Marine who plans ...

Pantano's Puppies: Radical Leftwing Haters Attack!

FavStocks - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
By Atlas Shrugs on 04/07/2011 – 2:12 pm PDT You can't make up leftwing crazy. Check this out Jacquie York brain meltdown (assuming she had one.) This is Ilario Pantano's family. He is, by far, my favorite candidate for 2012. Number one hands down. ...

Pantano asks for prayers over puppy problem (blog) - Pat Gannon - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
Instead, it's over two Goldendoodle puppies — part golden retriever, part poodle — that his two boys named “Jack Jack” and “Tullulah.” Pantano, who plans a second challenge to McIntyre's congressional seat in 2012, said his family adopted ...

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Didn't we talked about the person (HUM!) last week???? Maybe we should not in the future!

As I can see nothing new under the sun... No imagination at all.

No talk. Just putting the truth out there. Smart people will find it.

DONORS BEWARE!!!! Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc collected over $3000.00 for the care of the "Arkansas 8" Labradoodle puppies that came into my rescue in July. They actually only sent me just over $1000.00 of it, and then demanded the money back or the adoption fees. I spent well over $7000.00 on the care of the pups and the other 8 Doodles that came in at the same time. I have been threatened, harrassed, called every name in the book, and have lots and lots of emails and taped messages to back this up. I have kept my mouth shut about this up until now - when I heard they were bilking donors out of money once again - money that I am sure whoever is paying this dog's bills and doing all the hard work for him will never see......I had to speak up. Anyone wanting more details is welcome to contact me. Thank you to those of you who donated directly to my rescue for these poor babies; I can assure that every penny was well spent ON THE DOGS. And thank you to those who thought you were donating to the Arkansas Doodle Project - your heart was in the right place, but I want you to know that the Arkansas Doodles DID NOT receive your generous donations.

The chip-in widget has been removed, but the original discussion can be found at:

Anyone wanting to know more, contact me.
Elizabeth Gunn


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