FRAUD ALERT - Jacqueline Yorke Doodle Rescue Collective Stolen Website


In a four plus year vendetta of slander and lies, Jacqueline (Jacquie) Yorke, President of a National 501(c)(3) Dog Rescue, Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. (DRC), has engaged in a smear campaign of her ex-rescue partner and co-founder, Lynne Fowler. Lynne resigned from the rescue she helped to create in May 2010, BEFORE it was granted 501(c)(3) status. Ms. Yorke has been issued several Cease and Desist letters, detailing that the slander must stop, and she has continued to IGNORE AND ADD supposed crimes and sins to her manufactured "Fraud Alert."

FACT: THIS website and its url and .org were created and purchased, Jan 19, 2009 by Lynne Fowler.

FACT: The rescue, Doodle Rescue Collective did not exist until Dec 2009 and it was a partnership between Lynne Fowler and Jacquie Yorke.

FACT: The partnership APPLIED for 501c3 in Jan 2010.

FACT: After several differences of opinion as to how the rescue should be run, Ms. Yorke emptied the bank account and was shut out of THIS website.

FACT: Lynne Fowler RESIGNED from the rescue, Doodle Rescue Collective and they started their own website ( but kept the name. They did not achieve 501c3 status until sometime after May of 2010.

FACT: Jacquie Yorke and her rescue has continued a web of lies and slander against us, since May, 2010.

FACT: After 3 moves and many changes in Leadership, Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. is now located at: 

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc.

9 Fern Avenue

Dumont, NJ 07628

Formerly of Montclair, NJ and Woodland Park, NJ 

NOW 4 Moves:

112 Morse Lake Road

Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

PHONE: 973-750-1448

FAX: 1-866-422-8803


PROOF: Our proof is below! Ask Ms. Yorke for her proof. She claimed she is too busy because she HAS NONE.






False allegations sound believable and credible,
until one looks at the evidence.



Unlike my ex-partner, I will leave out speculation, opinion and outright lies. I will not use sensational psycho-babble or half-truths wrapped in spin. In Ms. Yorke's many dissertations, I am guilty of everything from theft, misconduct, animal endangerment, misuse of corporate funds, and the list continues to grow as time goes on.


To be fair, here is the link to her version of the story:






Allegation 1:




In May of 2010, the original DRC website and URLs were stolen from the Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. organization. The individual responsible for this theft is Lynne M. Fowler."

"Our Founder & President  and other DRC founding Board members spent over 16 months creating, building and optimizing our original website for Google and other web based search engines."



Evidence: This website and it's URLs were purchased in January 2009 by Lynne Fowler, NOT by the Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc., NOT Jacquie Yorke. THERE WAS NO DOODLE RESCUE COLLECTIVE, INC. in January 2009. In fact, there was no Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. until December, 2009.


You can easily also look up who owns a registered URL: 

Site Registered @, January 19, 2009:

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 19-Jan-09
Expires on: 19-Jan-13
Last Updated on: 03-Jan-11

Administrative Contact:
Fowler, Lynne
14 Spring Garden Road
Lincroft, New Jersey 07738
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 19-Jan-09
Expires on: 19-Jan-13
Last Updated on: 04-Jan-11

Administrative Contact:
Fowler, Lynne
14 Spring Garden Road
Lincroft, New Jersey 07738
United States


These URLs were purchased on a 2 year renewal by my personal credit card. And since the DRC was asked to leave this website in May 2010, they never paid for any part of these URLs, therefore, THE DRC DOES NOT OWN THEM AND NEVER DID.



Allegation 2:

"Lynne Fowler is a former DRC Board member and former DRC Treasurer LEGALLY REMOVED from our organization by unanimous vote of our Board of Directors in May 2010. Lynne Fowler was removed for theft, misconduct, animal endangerment, misuse of corporate funds and the theft and disabling of the original DRC website and URLs."

"Lynne Fowler is NOT as she claims, "the founder" or "the creator" of the "Doodle Rescue Collective" organization, nor is she a "former partner" of our President as DRC was co-founded by several other individuals. The DRC organization is as it has always been from the beginning, a collective of volunteers with a diverse Board of Directors in place to ensure that our national, non-profit rescue organization operates in accordance with the laws of the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as stipulated under 501(c)(3) of the federal code. There can be no"partners" in a Board directed not for profit corporation as no one individual can claim ownership of an exempt organization."



I was the founder and creator of the original listing pages on another Doodle forum. In fact, the roots of "Rescued Doodles" can still be found on Doodle World: Look through the pages and notice the dates.

The oldest discussion dates to July 2008:

I met Jacquie Yorke in September or October of 2008 and three of us, with Karen Shoulder, began a friendship based on our love of Doodles and the importance of rescuing them from death in a shelter.

After a conversation about how you cannot find Doodles in shelters, we started looking for them on Petfinder and listing them in a discussion page, so other's could see there were Doodles in shelters. 

We called this listing "Doodles in Need" and after a couple months, it became apparent this "listing service" needed a place of it's own. That's when I started The Doodle Rescue and Resource Collective. THIS WEB SITE.

 Some of the

 original logos

 from 2009.




Anyway, at no time was I anything but partner, founder and friend...until April, 2010.


We began actual rescuing in June, 2009 with Finnegan as our first rescue. I fostered Finny and found him the most wonderful and loving home.

I fostered about 10 more dogs between June and the time I resigned from the DRC. Including Ripley, which I kept as Jacquie Yorke threatened to put down because he snapped at her.


We incorporated the rescue on December 1, 2009. Before this time, we operated out of my personal checking account and my personal Paypal Account. Making ALL transactions, bank statements, receipts, actions, rescues, decisions, profits and losses, MINE. Not Doodle Rescue Collective's, NOT Jacquie Yorke's. This is what I was instructed by my attorney.

All papers/forms/items, belonging to the rescue, created after December 1, 2009, were returned to the DRC as advised by my attorney, at the time of my resignation (May 2010).


From the DRC Narrative for 501(c)(3):

Note I am listed as Vice-President, Assistant Director, Co-Founder, Treasurer, and Trustee on the application narrative. This application was created by Ms. Yorke and myself in December, 2009.



Allegation 3:

"Ms Fowler refuses to comply with various legal orders and missives and continues to defy the law and the legal advice of even her own attorney to return our stolen intellectual property to the Doodle Rescue Collective corporation and organization and cease and desist with its illegal use."

"Lynne Fowler is facing additional legal action and criminal charges for theft, animal endangerment and consumer fraud from individual adopters and reputable animal welfare organizations other than Doodle Rescue Collective."

"Please be advised Ms Fowler's solicitation of funds with a stolen identity is prosecutable THEFT & FRAUD that violates multiple state and federal criminal codes and statues. Legal action on behalf of Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. is pending and federal authorities and agencies are investigating Lynne Fowler and Oodles of Doodles."


I have NOT received ANY Cease and Desist Letter from ANY attorney on behalf of DRC or any entity connected to DRC, NO legal inquiries or criminal charges from ANY entity, NO hand slapping from Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet and NOTHING to indicate that ANY of Ms. Yorke's allegations are true or being investigated in any way.

All is a blatant lie.



On my own, I applied for incorporation in November, 2010 from the state of NJ.

And my 501(c)(3) in March 2012 and received my determination letter May 1, 2012.



About MY Resignation:


"Ms. Fowler was offered the opportunity to "resign" in lieu of further legal action against her in order to spare her unnecessary embarrassment......


 She refused to resign....


Only upon hearing several hours later that she was invited to attend an emergency Board meeting addressing her misconduct with all 9 Board members and DRC attorneys present, did Lynne Fowler correspond via email that she would "step down."'







I had sent a message after one of those arguments that I would step down due to the fact that I no longer trusted her, dated April 29, 2010



From: Lynne Fowler <lynne_fowler>Subject: Re: Labradoodle in PATo: "Jacqueline Yorke" <jacaloo2>Date: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 4:01 PM</jacaloo2></lynne_fowler>


I guess you have misunderstood my last email. I am stepping down. 



After several more arguments between my "partner" and myself, I woke up to a message that our joint bank account had been cleared out. That is when I shut the website on MAY 8, 2010. 



Date:  04/30/2010
Available balance:  $2,510.67



Date of Deposit:  05/03/2010
Amount:  $800.00


Hello Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.,

You asked us on May 6, 2010 to transfer $982.00 USD from your PayPal account to your bank account. We are processing your request.



Date:  05/07/2010
Available balance:




Date:  05/8/2010
Available balance:  -$15.00




Saturday, May 8, 2010 10:19 AM


Labradoodle & Goldendoodle Rescue

A message to all members of The Doodle Rescue Collective

The Doodle Rescue Collective website is temporarily offline for maintenance. If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please contact Thank You for your patience.




Notice, no mention of a refusal to resign and also notice that my note to step down was over a week earlier. The only thing I refused on May 9th, was to attend their kangaroo court. (sorry, I wasn't going to add personal feelings).

ALSO NOTE: In their own Board Minutes, it clearly says, they "accept my resignation." No mention of "removal."



Allegation 4:

The Most Blatant Lies of All...I don't even know how to respond to this horrible BS, except if anyone would like to come to my home and look at my books and my rescue dogs, please contact me. This is utter nonsense!


I have moved on and started my own dog rescue, Oodles of Doodles Rescue, Inc., and has now, also achieved 501(c)(3) status and with the constant contacting of friends and rescue associates, to bad mouthing and name calling, such as "broker" and "hoarder" and worse, Ms. Yorke is the epitome of a liar. She has attempted to sway shelters and other rescues from working with us, she has created fake FB accounts to stalk, harass and spy on our rescue and it all just needs to stop.

Ms. Yorke has accused me of theft of the website url: and .org that are clearly in the public sector to investigate and her claims they belong to anyone other than Lynne Fowler, are false. Ms. Yorke has made claims that I used the application of the DRC to file for my own 501(c)(3), which is ridiculous. As if the IRS would be that stupid. Ms. Yorke has sent emails to shelters and rescues that I am working with, to dissuade them from working with me. 

Ms. Yorke, on her rescue website,, claims I was "removed for theft, misconduct, animal endangerment, misuse of corporate funds and the theft and disabling of the original DRC website and URLs." Yet, also mentions the resignation letter, and provides a copy of the Board Minutes, clearly stating, "resignation." Where are the legal charges? There are none.

Ms. Yorke, in continuing harassment, was able to persuade another rescuer, who was working with me, that she should not allow me to foster and find a home for a puppy brought to me home by a puppy mill release. After seeing the connection to DRC, I refused to turn the puppy over, fostered him in my own home, vetted him with my own money and found a wonderful family to adopt him. Months later, claims that the pup was sick and unvetted began to circulate and a civil lawsuit, called "frivolous" by my attorney was brought to civil court and I was ordered to divulge the name of the adopter, which I did. Ms. Yorke claims I was ordered to return the dog, which I was not. The court "denied" any further action.

The lies, slander and threats on my character, family, rescue, associates and job, by a National Rescue Group, need to stop. I have provided copies of all documents and evidence on this page and will show whatever is needed.

This behavior, of a Federally Approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit is unbecoming and unprofessional. The lies continue to pile up and if the Board of Directors of The Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. cannot put a stop to this, the public should.


Notice ATPAR is run by Jodi Goldberg who is a Trustee on the DRC Board (See Below on Page 2 of this page). All claims that there was a lawsuit that was unconnected to DRC is further lies.

Also see:

Fraud Alert Bull...


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Debunking the Liars by telling the Truth I want to make something VERY clear here, we support Lynne Fowler 100%, in the beginning when we were just getting to know Lynne, Jacquie went out of her way to contact us on numerous occasions to "WARN" us about Lynne. It was during those calls that we realized we were dealing with a psycho path who had nothing but time and tall tales on her hands.

We are going on knowing Ms. Lynne for a few years now and have never wavered our support for her and what she is doing to save these amazing dogs. 

Jacquie Yorke, not so much!
12 hours ago · Edited · 

I had asked an investigative reporter with her own radio show to investigate me. I gave her Ms. Yorke's allegations and the evidence I had to prove they were lies. She then performed her own investigation and asked Ms. Yorke to come and refute or provide the proof for what she was saying. Not only did Ms. Yorke NOT share ANY information to back up her claims, but asked her friends on Facebook to report the page where the investigation was ongoing.

She was asked repeatedly to show her proof and she never did. Just continued the accusations.

(Adrianne is the 3rd or 4th DRC Board Secretary, since I resigned)

No PROOF offered on the DRC website that PROVES her claims: (

No PROOF when asked for it.



The investigator then created a Rip Off Report against Jacquie Yorke and The Doodle Rescue Collective:

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 8/18/2012 12:58:19 PM

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 8/18/2012 2:28:04 PM


And their response and in an effort to turn the story to her truths, Ms. Yorke then filed a counter Rip-Off Report against us (notice the times):

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 8/18/2012 5:24:08 PM


Oodles of Doodles, Inc. Rescue Collective has done NOTHING wrong. We have continued the mission we began in 2009. We have never had a desire to continue this year after year, since May 2010, yet it was continued against us, over and over again. Ms. Yorke's claim that "they remained silent but can no-longer" is more bunk.

Almost monthly, sometimes more often, she tells someone on her Facebook page, or sends an email to one of our friends or shelter we work with, she sends people to apply for our dogs and has continued this vendetta for over two years.

Transcript of Phone convo between BN and JY:

Jacquie Yorke
August 24, 2012
2:20 PM EST

J - Hello
B – Yes, someone just called me from this number
J – Barbie, is that you?
B – Who’s this?
J – This is Jacquie Yorke.
B – Oh hi Jacquie.
J – Hey, I got your text message, hey, I’m not accusing you, you know, this is what she has up on that rip off report, she has a copy of the private communication between us.
B – Between me and you?
J – Yup
B – I don’t see anything up there with my name on it. There’s no way she could have it because I didn’t send it to her.
J – I don’t know how she has it but she does and she has it on the bedabeda, yeah it’s on the rip off report thing. She saying where I am slandering her to other animal welfare people and there’s that communication that I had with you.
B – I don’t see it. I don’t see anything with my name in it.
J – It doesn’t have your name it’s the actual, my actual email to you.
B – You didn’t send me an email Jacquie, you sent me a Facebook message.
Phone Rings, B-hold on
J – You know, you don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for this, no body has time for this and, you know, she needs to just stop it.
B – I don’t think she started the Rip Off Report, I really don’t.
J – Yes, she did. She did. It’s her name on there. Please don’t think for a minute that she didn’t, cause she did. And she can tell you all she wants, she did it.
B – Jacquie, you know there’s evidence pointing to what you guys are saying that’s not true.
J – What is her evidence? She has a receipt for the purchase of our url’s? She was on our board of directors, as a founding board of directors and yes, I told her to purchase them. The name is mine it’s registered to the board of the DRC.
B – How’s that possible when she purchased it with her credit card?
J – (inaudible) and I have plenty of proof and I don’t put it up there because number one, I don’t have time to sift through it to stick it up there and number two our attorneys have it all, anybody who needs to have it, has it.
B – But why, well it was paid for with her credit card, so wouldn’t that make it hers?
J – She reimbursed herself for that, she took it upon herself to use her credit card. She did it, she was told not to.
B – Well, that’s between you guys, really.
J – She did it. Fine, you don’t have time for it, I don’t have time for it, but she’s spinning to make it look like we stole something from her. I assure you…
B – But, I mean, where are all these court documents that you guys say you have?
J – I don’t have time for court documents, I’m not going to sit there making pdf’s and stick them up there because that’s not our style and quite frankly I don’t have time to do it. I’ve got 100 dogs all over the country that need us…just to…
B – I understand that but I mean if you wanted to prove her as a liar why don’t you at least scan your cease and desist order or a copy of the court order where she was supposed to give the dog back because I got a copy of that too and it’s doesn’t say she had to give the dog back. It says she had to tell them where the dog was and that’s what she did.
J – It said the was to be returned to the rescue, I have the original affidavit and everything,
B – I do too and it says very clearly, either surrender the dog if you have it, which she didn’t or give the name and address of the adopter, which she did.
J – Yeah
B – So, how is she lying?
J – Because we had to spend $10,000 to get her to do that. $10,000 and she thinks that she’s gonna take us for $10,000 to get back something that is rightfully ours and I am not spending $10,000 to get it back. I’m not.
B – Well Jacquie, it just doesn’t make any sense for you to say that you have all this stuff and them you don’t produce it. And that’s what makes you look bad.
J – It doesn’t make me look bad because everyone in animal welfare knows about her from HSUS down.
B – It does.
J – Best Friends Animal Society has a 4”thick folder on her. She is not going to be in animal welfare very long. Trust me, Barbie; she’s a piece of shit. (Inaudible)
B – Jacquie, you know, I don’t even wanna hear that, I don’t work that way, I don’t work that way number 1 and number 2,
J – You write about people all the time on that radio program without knowing the facts. You don’t know the facts.
B – OK which show are you talking about?
J – You need to get your facts right before you go…
B – Which show are you talking about, see there you go Jacquie, when people ask you for proof, you don’t fuckin have it
J – I have it, you said…
B – You said that people are sending you shit that I’m saying about you and I asked you for proof and you don’t have it because I didn’t say it and I didn’t do it, so who’s stirring the pot Jacquie? You’re stirring the pot,
J – Excuse me, I have it all Barbie.
B – Send it to me then. Send me what you don’t have because I have never stirred the pot with you or fucked with you in any way, shape or form. So if you got proof I wanna see where it came from because it ain’t there.
J – I have proof that you sent my email to Lynne Fowler and that’s good enough for me.
B – Number 1, I don’t even have Lynne Fowler’s email address and number 2, I just looked at that report and my name is not on it, anywhere. So that is total bullshit.
J – It’s not on there but it’s the communication I sent to you privately that no-one could have access to.
B – Jacquie, that’s not true, that’s not true because I know a couple people that you have send me messages that you have sent to them and I can put those out there if you want me to. I don’t have a problem with sharing, the truth.
J – Well share the truth about that bitch because that’s the truth.
B – No the truth is that you’re the bitch because you keep calling people as soon as someone friends her on Facebook, you go run and start running your mouth go dddddd and that’s what makes you look bad.
J – You know Barbie, you’re a piece of fuckin white trash shit, you..
B – Yeah, you’re lovely, yeah.
J – Fuck you
B – Yeah, you’re lovely, Jacquie, what about Rick? What about Rick? You wanna talk about Rick?
J – One day, Barbie…
B – Obviously you don’t wanna talk about Rick.
J – I don’t wanna talk….
B – You don’t fuck with me this ain’t my first god damned rodeo, bitch.

#5 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: James L. - Black Mountain (United States of America)

Conversation with Jaquie Yorke, she contradicts herself numerous times but here are just the few I am pointing out.   Wait, okay sociopaths are usually pretty good about covering up lies right? But they do eventually get caught. Listen to the recording again where Jacquie Yorke contradicts herself. She says "Lynne Fowler, purchased the website because "she" "Jacquie Yorke" asked her too. Then she says "Lynne reimbursed herself" then she says "Lynne was told not to purchase the sites" which is it? I'm so confused!!!!!!!!


Conversation with Jacqueline Yorke of Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. (DRC).

As always, when asked for proof of anything she goes ballistic with her potty mouth and threats, which I don't adhere too.

Ms. Yorke claims that Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. (DRC) has spent over 10 thousand dollars fighting Lynne Fowler for the theft of the business and web-site. You would think after 10 thousand dollars they would have something to show for it by now right? 

But again, no proof! Jacqueline Yorke also states that she does not have the time to scan these legal documents into .pdf format to post on a web-page as proof. Yet she has time to write a monthly blog about Lynne Fowler spewing her venom to anyone who will listen. Not to mention stalking and contacting anyone who befriends Lynne Fowler.....How do I know this you may be asking yourself, well when I befriended Lynne Fowler, Jacquie Yorke felt it her obligation to contact me and give me a heads up...those are her words. My words are try to get me to listen to her fabricated delusions and use our radio show to further her agenda to assist in the attack on Lynne Fowler and her VERY reputable reputation.

So Ms. Jacqueline Yorke of Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. (DRC). Just show us the proof and we will go away, if not…….just go away because the odds are no longer in your favor.

I really do have rescues to tend to, otherwise I would be sitting here screen capping all day, “YES FOLKS” there really is that much crap that Ms. Yorke and her cohorts are trying to spread to discredit Lynne Fowler. Do your research and see who is telling the truth…..I did, and can tell you the odds are not in favor of someone who will strike like a snake in the middle of the night, just as Ms. Yorke did with me on this conversation because I would not adhere to her ethics and agenda.

Enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a long one ♥

JY made claims, in one of her weekly rants that I was being investigated by Best Friends Animal Society. Obviously, another lie.

What is it called when one "rescue" steals dogs from another rescue?
Rescue Collective
OH - Priscilla and Sam need a new home. Family lost theirs. Please help.
Petfinder Adoptable Dog | Labrador Retriever | Cambridge, OH | OH - Priscilla and Sam
OH - Priscilla and Sam is an adoptable Labrador Retriever Dog in Cambridge, OH. Meet Priscilla and Sam Priscilla and Sam are siblings from the same litter. They are three years old. Priscilla is black...
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Priscilla and Sam's Mom has been speaking with the DRC for the past week about placing her beloved doodles into rescue. A conference call with 3 DRC Directors was made again last night to Priscilla and Sam's Mom to verify that she was looking for Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. and not Oodles of Doodles. The confusion is a result of your continued use of the DRC url She has never spoken to anyone from IDOG nor does she know who they are.
This post is simply about trying to find two fosters in the DRC program.
Please let this be the end of this conversation. Posted by DRC Rep. Adrianne Matzkin in Doodle Kisses.
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My Response: Since these dogs were just listed last night on the DRC Petfinder and have been on my Petfinder for a week and
Since I have email correspondence between Anne and myself from a week ago where I wrote I was contacting IDOG for help as time was of the essence and
Since the url was bought and paid for by me, before the rescue DRC even existed...
This conversation is far from over.
You can explain to this poor woman why DRC is here searching for fosters while an IDOG foster was arranged and is waiting.

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Lynne Fowler, Thought you'd like to see the email the owner sent Jaquie. Here it is:

Hi, Jaquie,
Guess I misunderstood you yesterday when you asked if I'd signed on with International Doodle ... I'd heard them called IDOG, and didn't recognize the name. Plus, I was at work, and couldn't talk with you properly. Yes, I had agreed to work with them through Lynn at Oodles of Doodles.I thought I could list with several organizations and someone would find a home for my dogs, and didn't realize there were proprietary feelings involved in listing dogs for re-homing. I wasn't aware of the bad feelings that existed between all of your organizations, and though sorry for your trouble, don't have time for the drama at this point. IDOG has found a foster home for my dogs, and so thanks for all your help, but you can take Priscilla and Sam off your list now, because, thank God, they are taken care of.
Again, thanks for your help and concern for my dogs.
May 22, 2011 at 12:30pm · Like

What is it called when your ex-partner goes and purchases your urls?

FROM: Jodi Goldberg - ATPAR <> TO: Lynne Fowler  Monday, December 10, 2012 8:31 PM You a delusional, pathological and human garbage. You are in fact correct about one thing. That being- I never knew you. Had I known the scum of the earth, bottom feeder I was dealing with, you would have never gotten a dog from me, yet alone two! FYI: I have a dog from your rescue that I got about 4 months ago. Had someone do your application and they gave the dog to me. If you had better screening I would not have been able to do it. He/she is happy and loved Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

(Yet she adopted 2 dogs to me years before JY even came into my life? This "person" is on the DRC board.)

  • Conversation started August 24
  • Crystal

    Hi Lynne. My name is Crystal. I found you because I did some online research of this company that reached out to me on craigslist about my labradoodle I was trying to rehome. They have been overwhelmingly frustrating and when I finally decided to take some action, I realized they were in dispute with you. I'm sure by now you know who I'm referring to  In comparing even your facebook page to theirs, yours is actually kept current, you don't have tons of people upset that they are being ignored (like I am) and so I have a feeling that you are the right side of the debate to be on. 
    My story: I adopted two labradoddle brothers from my local humane society. I had to FIGHT to get them. They had already considered their time up, long story short and several hours later, I wore them down and adopted both dogs (I've lived in my house 9 years and had childhood dogs that one by one due to age had to be put down- thus I was ready for new dogs). I paid my vet to have them both neutered and brought current with shots. At this same time the house next to me foreclosed and sold for the ridiculous price of $20,000. I never saw one piece of furniture enter that house, it was all boxes of chemicals, metal shelving and tons of garage type items. I thought it were very strange and the man was NOT friendly. Shortly after my dogs kept coming down sick, vomiting and diarrhea every where, it looked like someone was slaughtered in my house. I called my vets night number and rushed them in to the vet afraid they would dehydrate. The vet ran a battery of tests and once the vomiting had stopped, sent them home with antibiotics. One week later it happened all again and we were back to the vet for more blood work and tests and then home again with another round of antibiotics. Then a couple weeks later back to the vet again. This time the vet told me that everything was normal, blood, kidneys, everything, except a "astronomically high phosphorus rate". He said he did research on it and found that phosphorus was a byproduct of meth! I was a foster mom, I know how bad that is. I called my friend at the police department and she gave me some signs to watch out for, which we verified, and turned the neighbor in to the narcotics task force. However, it could be some time until they get anything done about it because they have to collect proof.

    Mean while, I have to keep my dogs in side, any lengths of time spent outside and they are vomiting. The one brother, Ozzie, hated being inside and was chewing my house apart. So I put him on craigslist and met this terrific woman in Edgewood New Mexico who has spent her life training dogs and horses for trail rides. They took him and love him and currently he completed a special needs training course. I had kept the brother, Marlo. Marlo was doing fine until I went back to work since my 6 year old started first grade this year. Then he started going crazy, chewing things, jumping and climbing our 4 foot chain link fence. Hes still a great big lovable gentle giant, but hes very emotional, anytime we leave town for anything, he can't handle it. Hes good with cats, dogs, kids, people in general. Only ever barks if someone shady looking walks by. Not an aggressive bone in his body. Really would be a great companion lap dog, not hyper, likes to play a little but loves being a couch potato and lap dog (at 60 lbs lol). I tried seeing if the lady who took Ozzie wanted him but she said she had her hands full. I put him on craigslist and got contacted by Jackie York with Doodle Rescue Collective. I was at first excited to get some help rehoming him. But she CONSTANTLY says she'll call or email me and then doesn't! I had a relative decide to try him out, unfortently it didn't work out, but the only time Jackie responded to me about progress was when I said "thanks but no thanks". When Marlo came back to me (after 9 days- he kept escaping their yard and making neighbors mad) I didn't know what to do. Hes a great and loyal dog that just needs the right place and a SAFE place. I recontacted Jackie and she didn't hesitate to put him back on craigslist. But then the same issues of her not contacting me came up. She would tell me she had tons of applications and would call me but after a week of attempts, she only ever contacted me AFTER I put on her facebook page that their communication was sparse and I was desperate to rehome my doodle. Her facebook page has quite a few people upset about being ignored or turned down for silly reasons. My personal feelings are if they were willing to pay her ridiculous fee of $425 to adopt him, they probably are a good home! My real feeling is that no ones had any interest. The other side of the coin is I've had to have my carpets cleaned so many times that my husbands sick of it, and we had recently rehomed our Chihuahua so hes ready to just have the madness stop, and frankly so am I. I know its the neighbor and I also know theres nothing I can do about it, just have to wait for the police here to handle it.

    I am reaching out to any possible way of getting this terrific dog a new home. And thats the reason for my email. Is this something you could help me with? If not, I appreciate at least your time. But I need him rehomed asap! And I don't think Jackie quite understands that. So today was the last chance I gave her, if by the end of today she still has refused to call me back like she promised, I'm wiping my hands of her. A no-kill animal shelter in Albuquerque said they had no openings now but that could change, so I'm just trying to reach out where I can to make this happen fast! The current petfinder listing for Marlo is

    Thank you again Lynne for your time!

  • Today
  • Crystal

    I appreciate the response, unfortunately I had Marlo euthanized because I was not able to rehome him, threw any means that I tried. Jackie played too many games making it too difficult, and every other source I tried failed. Sad but true is the fact that death is not the worst thing that can happen to us in this world.

  • Today
  • Lynne Fowler

    I am so sorry. My heart aches. There isn't much more I can say and I am so sorry we didn't connect. And I am sorry about your experiences with JY. Bless your heart.

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