New ad fully exposes HSUS as complete & utter fraud


Remember those sometimes bizarre animal ads we’ve all seen on television? Usually triggering us to reach for our wallets — and then donate a chunk of change to the organization that we’re thinking all this time is helping animal rights? Well — after this you’ll likely never do just that again.

It’s probably best from this point that you do not donate to the HSUS. Your funds aren’t going where expected.

. A new USA TODAY ad was published this week — and clearly exposes the organization for it’s real intentions.  That by far isn’t even the most interesting part — the C.E.O Wayne Pacelle stated ‘We never said we sponsor/provide for animal shelters‘ meaning all of the money collected from the public never went for the cause we were led to believe it did.

According to Zimbio — only a mere 1% of those financial means actually went to animal shelters. Now — the problem with this is the outlying tricks used by HSUS to gain your money and make you believe that you’re actually donating to animal shelters.

An investigation into HSUS clearly revealed that their intentions with the immensely large sum of financial means raised was nothing more than selfish.  The report (which can be read here)  shows that the HSUS out of the $131M raised spent $5.5M on office expenses, and $12M on personal travels for the year of 2010 alone).

Wayne Pacelle took direct jabs at the people challenging his intentions via his TypePad blog.

Are you against the Humane Society of the United States?

We’re not against HSUS. We’re for any organization that stands up for the standards and ideals of true animal welfare. But let’s be honest, HSUS is trying to change the world in a lot of different ways. They’ve got their own ideas about what’s right and wrong regarding the status quo of animals in society. That goes for farming and food, family pets and wild animals too. At the end of the day, we think our country’s policies and laws should reflect the will of an informed public, not just an activist agenda.

The problem is that many people think HSUS is working hard to improve the shelter situation in communities across the country, but frankly, they’re not. People respond to their poignant and emotional fundraising appeals, but the money isn’t going where donors think it’s going. In fact, just a penny of every dollar HSUS raises actually goes to pet shelters.

Fundamentally, donors’ money isn’t getting where it’s really needed. It can’t buy the food and medicine shelter animals need and it can’t pay the electric bill. And the thing is, conditions are getting worse, not better. Government budgets are getting squeezed more every day, and that’s going to mean less support from localities for pet shelters.

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