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Vet helps dog found abandoned, starved

Veterinarian works to save Lucian's life

Updated: Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010, 12:23 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 16 Aug 2010, 11:29 PM EDT

GERMANTOWN, Ohio (WDTN) - A Germantown,  Ohio veterinarian is putting in extra hours trying desperately to save the life of a dog found abandoned and starving. Luv-a-bulls , a dog rescue group took "Lucian," a pit bull mix, and two other dogs to the Germantown Animal Health Centerafter they were found locked in the basement of a Dayton home. Lucian weighed in at 34 pounds.

"On seeing him come up the drive, we thought he was just a dead dog. He was limp and not moving and in just horrible condition, said Dr. Lisa Wood, veterinarian at the health center.

The other two dogs are doing better, and are back in the care of the rescue group. Lucian, however, is still in bad shape. His skin stretches over every bone in his body, and deep grooves mark each of his ribs.

"It's heartwrenching to think what he would have been going through. Shut up in a basement for who knows how long," said Dr. Wood.

Lucian's recovery has been slow.  He stopped eating Aug. 12, and his eyes glazed over. Dr. Wood said she feared he was losing his will to live. She quickly made the decision that she would bring him to her home after hours.

"It was really an emotional decision because in part I felt that he was not improving, that a large part of it was emotional," Dr. Wood said. "He would get visibly upset if he thought someone was going to leave without him."

Over the weekend, his condition improved, and Lucian gained four pounds in three days.

"It's not a lot as far as where he needs to go, but he definitely has so far made some improvements," said Dr. Wood.

Still, Dr. Wood predicts Lucian's chances of survival are 30-40 percent.

His story hit Facebook Aug. 16, and an amazing outpouring has followed.

"[The phones] have been ringing nonstop," said Dr. Wood. "It's been a huge response, really."

The clinic is accepting donations for Lucian's care. In one day alone, more than $2,000 poured in from across the U.S. and Canada. If you'd like to help, you can send a check to the Germantown Animal Center, 1904 Dayton-Germantown Pike, Germantown, Ohio 45327. Or click hereto pay by credit card.

If you can, please Donate to help Lucien with his Medical Bills! All Donations should be called in directly to his Vet Clinic below! Thanks.
Germantown Animal Health Clinic 

Luv A Bulls Rescue in Dayton's Website:

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Who are the "beast"? Certainly not this poor dog. The owner called themselves human, I think they are huge cruel monsters.
The rescue cannot proceed an accusation of cruelty against them because the dog will have to be cease as "proof" and that poor Lucian will not be able to receive all the care he badly need now. How more cruel a human being can be...
These stories just infuriate me. I just never understand why people, if they no longer wish to care for their animal, can't just call a rescue for help or turn their dogs into a local shelter. I am disgusted at what some "humans" can do to defenseless animals. Something like this happened in a city near me a couple years ago - two dogs, found nearly starved to death, not given much of a chance to survive. But both did and were adopted into loving homes.

Does anyone know if the "owner" of this dog has been charged?
Or just turn them loose, would be a better fate than locking them in a house with no food or water. My Jack was found locked in a fenced area with no food or water and he was skin and bones when I got him. He wasn't nearly as bad as this guy, but I was worried about him anyway. Even the vet said, if the organs don't shut down, he'll make it. He did and I hope this guy does too. That little tail wag he gave in the video put me over the edge, though.
Overwhelming outcry for abused dogs
Lucian is walking, Smokey is unsure about his fate

Updated: Monday, 23 Aug 2010, 6:32 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 23 Aug 2010, 1:42 PM EDT

Pam Elliot & Sonu Wasu, WDTN
DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - The stories of two abused dogs in the Miami Valley have captured the world's attention.

One is Lucian, a pitbull mix found starved and abandoned in the basement of a home
in Dayton. The other, a dog allegedly beaten with a baseball bat and and then run over, by a car driven by his owners.

There was good news to report about Lucian on Monday. The pitbull mix is now walking.

Veterinarians initially felt he had a very slim chance of surviving. Now, Lucian is able to dry food, and has gained enough strength to take wobby steps.

When he first came into the Germantown Animal Health Center, Lucian weighed 33 pounds.

The Luv-A-Bulls rescue group rescued Lucian and his two siblings from the home on Irwin Avenue.

As soon as his story hit facebook, thousands started sending letters, cards, flowers, and checks to help pay for his recovery.

"The money is nice, but really the emotional support means so much to all of us working so hard at the clinic. We just pass it on to him, tell him what a good job he's doing," said Dr. Lisa Wood, the veterinarian who was caring for Lucian.

Meantime, a public outcry took place over the fate of an abused dog in Greene County.

Dr. Harold Brown, the director of Greene County Animal Control, told 2 NEWS he believes given Smokey's history of biting people he should euthanize the dog. However, Brown's now seeking legal advice from the county prosecutor's office about what to do.

There's been an outcry even from other countries to save Smokey. Smokey even has his own Facebook page set up by someone in Austrailia. More than a 1,000 people indicate liking it. However Dr. Brown believes many of those commenting don't know the facts.

He said he's getting hate email and he's not been able to keep up with his normal duties. He says he's had to put off adoptions of animals to address Smokey's case. Smokey is not adoptable but Brown says the county could decide to put him in a sanctuary away from the general public. Director Brown says the woman who owned Smokey has signed papers allowing him to make the decision.

Regardless, the animal cruelty case against the two people accused of beating Smokey is moving forward. We should know more by the end of the week.


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