Al-Qaeda plot to blow up airplanes with dogs has just been revealed

France officials have just revealed a disturbing plot by Al-Qaeda militants bound and determined to terrorize the innocent. Apparently, two years ago, terrorists took two stray dogs from the streets of Baghdad.

The dogs were crudely cut open and bombs and detonators were stuffed inside of their bodies. Apparently, the intent was for the dogs to blow up, mid-flight, as the plane flew from Baghdad to Los Angeles, CA.

Thankfully the dogs were discovered prior to the plane's departure from Iraq. Sadly, the dogs died from the substances that had been crudely sewn into their bodies.

It is reported that U.S. soldiers working in the cargo area of the airport discovered the dead dogs. As the dogs were examined, the bomb substances were discovered.

Details of the terror plot from 2 years ago were just released after the recent discovery of bombs hidden inside of printer cartridges being shipped via cargo planes.

Details of the terrorist plot reveal, yet again, the desperate lengths that militants will go to achieve their goal of inflicting terror on others. In a normal world, who would imagine that death and destruction could lie within the body of man's best friend.....


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I saw this on the news this morning. How sad and infuriating!
Isn't it disgusting? Bad enough they use women and children, but using innocent animals is horrible. And they call us evil!
They are the evil... The Coran never teach those kind of behaviour. They do not have any respect for any life human or animal. They are themselves lower than the devil himself.


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