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Good One, Joyce! They certainly are miracles with paws and slobbery kisses!
This local story made me smile.

'He's a miracle puppy, that's for sure'
Local News
Posted By Peter Downs Standard Staff
Posted 16 hours ago

Who said cats are the only ones with nine lives?

A Thorold pooch thought to have died in a roaring house fire Tuesday afternoon was eventually pulled from the ashes by firefighters and is on the mend.

The dog, an 18-month old golden doodle named Chico, was trapped inside for more than two hours as a ferocious blaze gutted a house at 39 Deerfield Pkwy.

"He put his nose under a pillow and I guess it saved his life," homeowner Tom Dupelle said Wednesday, standing in front of what remains of the charred ruin. "He's a miracle puppy, that's for sure."

The pet's owners and firefighters didn't hold out any hope that Chico would make it out alive as heavy winds fuelled the huge blaze.

But when firefighters were finally able to enter the building, they found the curly haired dog conscious and hunkered down behind a couch with its nose pressed to the carpet.

The animal was in a basement rec room that had its door closed, preventing much direct damage from flames.

"There was a lot of smoke in there and a lot of water damage, but he was OK," Thorold Fire Chief Chris Halliday said.

The dog couldn't walk immediately, but he was breathing, Halliday said.

Firefighters used a mask specially designed for dogs and cats to give Chico oxygen on the scene.

A veterinarian who lives a couple doors away tended to the injured dog until he was transported to Niagara Veterinary Emergency Clinic on Merrittville Hwy.

Dupelle said veterinary staff kept the dog on oxygen throughout the night, but he didn't appear to suffer any major injuries.

"He's good so far," he said.

"That's one bright spot — everybody got out alive."

Dupelle has lived at the house for six years with his wife, their two children and his mother-in-law.

Only Dupelle's elderly mother-in- law was home when the fire started about 1 p.m. and she was able to get out safely with the help of a neighbour.

The family's other golden doodle — Shaker — also got out before the fire engulfed the house.

While the rescued dog gave the family something to celebrate, their house is destroyed.

Halliday estimated damage at approximately $200,000 and said the structure will likely have to be torn down and replaced.

Fire investigators are still trying to pinpoint an exact cause, but there is no evidence of anything suspicious, such as arson, Halliday said.

Powerful winds spread the flames quickly through the house, leaving firefighters little to save.

"This was just a tragic event with bad environmental conditions, with the wind howling like crazy," Halliday said.

Dupelle's wife, Yvonne, said the family has been flooded with offers of help and support.

The family has temporary accommodations as it sorts out where to live permanently.

"Everyone on this street is amazing and everyone at the kids' schools," she said. "Honestly, I'm so proud to live in Thorold South."
Oh, my that is a great story. I am so glad everyone got out OK. A two doodle home and they both survived. I always knew they were smart (or smart asses) but what a smart dood to protect his breathing like that.


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