Forever Home: A Guide to ReHoming the Rescued Dog
Contemplating adopting a previously owned dog?  Many rescued dogs need  a "Forever Home".  You can give  a  rescue dog a wonderful home and help the dog fit into your family with the help of
Forever Home: A Guide to  ReHoming the  Rescued Dog.                        Buy Now....$17.95

Thinking about giving up your dog, or even bringing him to the animal shelter?  First, read Maura Furie's book, Forever Home.  

Step by step instructions help you to turn problems around, allowing the pet you love to become a wonderful companion.  

Excessive barking, jumping on people, pulling on the leash,  what problems does your dog have?  

Forever Home: A Guide to ReHoming the Rescued Dog Cover  Hot Off the Press
Forever Home: A Guide to ReHoming the Rescued Dog
"Wonderful!... the book is very well written with succint and easy to understand instructions,... very viable suggestions."  Judy Barlow, rescue person, California

Forever Home will help you in many ways.

Before you bring home a new dog, what should you do?  You want your new dog to fit your lifestyle.  

Things to keep in mind when choosing a dog:
  •  If you have children you want a dog that is trustworthy with them.  
  • If you don't like to jog or run in open pastures, don't get a dog with high exercise needs.  
  • If you can't stand pet fur on your clothes, don't get a shaggy dog.  
Many problems can be eliminated simply by taking care in choosing the breed of dog, as well as the individual dog.

Problems that you may encounter with a rescued dog include issues related to dominance.  Forever Home shows you how to establish your dominance over your dog with soft, easy to follow techniques. You do not need to alpha roll your new best friend, or hurt him in any way.

Studies show that owning a pet can lower your blood pressure and help you live longer.  But what if Fido is raising your blood pressure? 

Additional problems addressed in the book include, excessive barking, nipping at children, jumping on people, housebreaking, food issues, anxiety when left alone, excessive chewing, pulling on leash, listening only when treats are involved, resource guarding, and more.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, whether the dog you want to adopt comes from a shelter, from a breed rescue organization, or even if you are adopting a dog that was abandoned in your neighborhood, you'll want to "adopt" this book as your guide.

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