This is a great book by the guy who founded Stray Rescue in St. Louis. He tells some really funny stories about why people try to "return" dogs and then gives excellent tips on dealing with bad habits. Randy was recently on the show "MonsterQuest" (I'm not sure I think its on Nat Geo or Animal Planet). He takes in a lot of feral dogs that have been dumped in parks and then breed. He works closely with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

It's a wonderful book - you really should read it. I brought it at Barnes & Noble. I know he was going to NY for a book signing so I'm assuming its available nationally.

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This is true - this is actually Randy's 3rd book, but its brand new and great.
Thank you for this title, Katie. If this man can rehab ferals, he may have something to share with me, some type of remedial work that I have not heard. I'm sure he has loads of great stories to tell!


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