Meet Sloan - ADOPTED by our own Susan Decker.

CONGRATULATIONS, Susan and Family.

Sloan is a 21 month old Labradoodle. 


She has a sweet and loving temperament but can be active and rambunctious. She has a curly chocolate fleece coat. 
Sloan is good with children and loves other dogs but tends to jumps a lot, so wouldnt be great with very little kids. 

She walks wonderfully on the leash, knows sit and stay on the leash and is completely housetrained and crate trained. She sleeps in a crate at night. 
Sloan is a great and loving dog. She is still extremely active and jumps a good bit still, especially upon greeting new people, so she will need further training. 

The family is trying to place her in a new home as their 5 year old is constantly antagonizing her and firing her up. They feel that she needs a play mate and would do wonderfully in a home with another dog. She truly is a great dog.  

Sloan is spayed, up to date on shots, and in perfect
 health. All shots are up to date. 
The perfect family for Sloan will have a fully fenced yard and another dog Sloan can play with. Older children and an active lifestyle would be wonderful. If you match this criteria, please fill out an online application.
Rehome Fee $395


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I would so love her, too! Did she get adopted by Susan yet? I'm waiting to hear (the big announcement)! 

On another note, can the Ohio pair be separated? That often is an easier way to get them adopted, much as we might not want to see them separated. It can also be good for developing the ''other side'' of their dominant or submissive personalities. Don't hate me, folks. I'm just brainstorming to find ways to help them find their new home(s)!

You'll have to wait until Monday for the BIG announcement, Ms. Impatient!


These two may have to be separated. There might not be another choice. We're trying and we can never hate you.

thanks for your kind reply, Lynne. and yes, I am another MS. IMPATIENT re: the announcement!  It seems to be a doodle-lover dilemma!


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