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Priscilla and Sam are siblings from the same litter. They are three years old. Priscilla is black, and Sam in blond. They are both fixed, and it is time for their shots again (though rabies is still good) and I will be taking them in for these in the next week or so. Priscilla loves to run on a leash with a jogger. She is very outgoing and friendly. She is the dominant dog of the pair. She always eats first, etc. Sam is shy, and always has been. Both dogs are good with children and all people and other dogs. They bark at strangers passing by. They bark at cats, but don't attack them. They sleep in big kennels each night, but are house trained when they have run of the house, which is not often. They have a big, fenced yard where they love to run and play together. 

When they were a year old, Sam suffered two bouts of twisted stomach. The second time, we had to have the operation to correct the condition, and he hasn't had any trouble since. I feed both dogs elevated, at the vet's recommendation. I kennel them for an hour after eating to give them time to digest before running, but both are healthy, happy dogs.

They are first generation Labradoodles. Their mother is a yellow lab; their father a chocolate standard poodle. They are lanky, long limbed, very fast, smart, gorgeous heads, wiry hair that does shed. They would do well in agility, we believe. Sam is quite clever at problem solving: He figured out how to climb into a window in our house! 

The reason they are rehoming the dogs is because the father was killed in September, and consequently, the family has lost their house. They have little time before they to be out, and can't take the dogs with them to the rental they are moving into.


It is very important to this family that they find a loving home, together if possible, for these wonderful dogs. 


If you are an active family, have a fully fenced yard and can give these two beautiful Doodles the love and attention they need, please fill out an application and it will be sent to the family.


Rehome Donation $395 for both 

CLICK HERE for application

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I really hope someone can open their home and hearts to both these beauties.  Such a heartbreaking story.   This must be a very difficult time and decision for the family.


Where at in Ohio are they located?
90 miles east of Columbus on I 70, 1 hour south of Canton, and about 2 hours east of Pittsburgh, Pa, if that helps. LOL
I live outside of Detroit . Would like to take the female and understand they want someone to take both
Kelly, fill out an application and I will send it to the family. I don't know if they will consider it but I will forward it.
I will fill it out later on tonight when I return. Off to Lansing now.


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