Moose and Tigger are 1 and a half years old and are great with kids and leash trained and crate trained and well adjusted chocolate doodles. 


Both boys are neutered and shots are all up to date and they are microchipped.

The boys don't shed at all and are excellent with the Groomer, too.


The boys are from the same litter and are total gentle giants who have never been aggressive with people at all.
Moose is a 100% perfect pet and Tigger will chew on pillows, etc. and will need to be redirected. Both boys have a fabulous personality and love to play hard together when outside but inside they behave very well. The boys are so gentle that they sleep in the bed with the children, at times.

The family is unable to find a home that will allow them to have three dogs and they are keeping the smallest.
These boys need a fully fenced yard and we prefer they stay together.
A family with kids, as they are used to children, would be ideal.
If you think you would be the perfect family to adopt these wonderful boys, please fill out an online application to be considered. All approved applications will be forwarded to the family.
Rehome fee $500
CLICK HERE for our application


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OMG! How adorable! Hope these two find a great home.....(my hubby just said we can not have two more dogs)
These 2 are near Gainsville, if you know anyone. Putting them on Petfinder, now.
They are gorgeous!!! No I won't say it even if I'm thinking it...!!

Does anyone know how much they weigh?  They are beauuuutiiiiful!


BIG! They are Standard Poodle sized. I'll ask the owner for exact size but they are big, goofy boys.
OMG, these two are gorgeous to say the least and sound like the perfect doodles.  I'm sure they will find a wonderful home (even if it can't be mine...sniff, sniff).

You, Susan and J want them all! LOL


I can't help myself, doodles are like Doritos, I can't just have one...LOL.  Plus, you know, I don't have these colours yet!  It would be fantastic to have a rainbow of doodles.  Ah, sigh.
When we win the lottery we'll buy that Doodle Ranch and we will have every shape, size and color Oodle/Doodle available.
You bet!  I'm in for the Doodle Ranch.  I'm still buying those lottery tickets.
I'm in too!!!!!
Did these boys find a home yet? They seem to stick in my mind, I guess since they are in FL. :)


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