Meet Toby - ADOPTED

Toby is a mischievous Goldendoodle pup with a heart of gold. He has a wonderful disposition, good with children, adults and other dogs.  Toby likes to counter surf, eat toilet paper and has never met a sock he didn't like. He does chase cats, so we recommend he go to a cat free home. All that being said he is a very loyal and lovable dog. He loves the dog park and going for walks (he pulls when being walked and will need some leash training). He is crate trained but loves to sleep on the floor next to the bed. He is well mannered. He does not get on the furniture or in the bed. He is house trained. He hops when he gets excited, but does not jump on people. He is playful and loves a good soup/marrow bone now and again. Toby loves to be pet. He will sit or lay for hours just to have his owners attention.  He is a wonderful dog looking for his forever home. 

You can take food or water from Toby while eating/drinking, but he does not like giving up a bone. 

He is Current on all Vaccinations and is Neutered. He was in 
Excellent Health
 as of last check up

Reason(s) for rehome:

Toby has a playful, mischievous side and his family just does not have the time needed to train Toby properly. They feel it is not fair to Toby to be in a crate or alone so much and are looking for a new home where he will get the attention he deserves.

Toby currently shares a home with an 11 yo boxer and  plays very well with other dogs. 


Toby will need a home with an active family and a fenced yard. Older children would be preferred and no cats. A family who has time and patience to devote to Toby's training would also be ideal.


Rehome Fee $395

If you think you would be a perfect match for Toby, please fill out an online application. It will be up to the family to make the final decision.


No inquiries will be answered without an application on file. There is a place on the application to ask questions.

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