Myth: Dogs in Rescue - There Must be Something Wrong with Them

This seems to be several misconceptions about rescue dogs.  They have been given up or are in rescue because there is something wrong with them.  Aggression seems to be the first thought followed by being un-trainable or having poor manners.  I'm sure there are more.  Your comments?  Let's bust these myths!

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I have 5 rescue dogs of my own and have fostered 15 dogs in the past year, every single one had no more issues than a dog I got from a breeder, years ago. In fact, a few of them had less issues. Every dog, like every child, needs to be taught what is right and wrong. From having both dogs and kids, I can say with conviction, that dogs learn mush quicker than children do.

Shelter dogs just want to be loved and feel safe and have a place. Once they do know this, they are sweet, loving, protective family members. Any "history" or "baggage" goes away with time, patience and love.
Thanks for the comment, and for your dedication to rescue and foster. It is your personal experience that will help dispel myths.
Myth: Rescue pets are obviously not good pets, or else their original owners wouldn't have gotten rid of them

If the main reason why a pet gets brought to pound/shelters was because they were a 'bad' pet, there would be thousands of empty shelters across the country. Animals are brought to shelters for a large variety of reasons, some of which may include:

• Their owners have passed away
• The animal strayed from home and was impounded awaiting owners to collect them.
• An irresponsible owner didn't get their pets spayed or neutered resulting in an unwanted litter
• The animal's owners were abusive to the animal, so the authorities have removed the pet from the harmful environment
• An animal was purchased or adopted by someone who did not take into consideration all of the responsibility that caring for that pet would entail.
Of course it is something wrong with them... the think is they are not too blame for that. What is wrong with them is they... are in a rescue instead of being in a loving and caring home... Most of them were abuse and we expect they will behave like the perfect one...People who hurt them are the wrong one not the dog. That is what is wrong with them.
Lately, many are in shelters because of the economy. Lost job, lost home, moving to a smaller apartment and can't take dogs. We are seeing that reason a lot now, too


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