Doodles are too often "marketed" as non-shedders and hypoallergenic.  But too many doodles are "surrendered" to shelters/rescue because they shed or someone is "allergic" to them.  Your thoughts?  What have you heard?  What is your experience with your doodle (if you have one)?

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I have 4 doodles. Three do not shed at all and one sheds a mountain. Here is a pic of one brushing:

I cringe when I see an advertisement saying Hypo-allergenic pups for sale because I know they cannot guarantee that until the pup is older and it's adult coat comes in. That poor dog is likely to end up in rescue, through no fault of his own.
So what is all that black hair on my bed and on all my and my hubby's clothes??? Thalie is the ONLY black 4 paws in this house! So doodles don't shed! What a joke!!!
I love this picture! See the "non-shedding" doodle - please note my sarcasm :)
Well, related to this is the myth of the hypoallergenic dog (doodle). To be honest, I do not quite understand the "science" behind it, but I do know it goes beyond being a low or no shed dog. I found this online:

All dogs produce proteins that can cause allergies. These proteins are found in dogs' dander, which is dead skin cells, not fur, and saliva and urine.
After having a Shelty, having my doodle is a blessing. She sheds less than my cats. I can get hair out of her when I comb her, but never as much as most dogs. If I brush her before her bath, I don't even have hair in the tub! Maybe I'm lucky, but I love my doodle and her hair.
I agree, Moon. All my doodles shed much less than any other breed I have ever had. But I do have one who does shed. The point is...if you MUST have a dog that does not shed, because of allergies or other factors, a Doodle may not be your best choice. Some less honest breeders advertise Doodles as non-shedding and this is not true of ALL doodles.
Mine do shed too, of course 100 times less than Gamine, my Golden Retriever! She will leave some hairs on the bed, her cushion and blanket and yes, in the bath too but compare of Gamine it is a blessing like you say Moon. We do have three cats and one of them shed more than our two dogs together!! So it is a very good thing that we do not have any allergies in this house!


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