Did you know that an Australian Shepherd ears can change position quite a bit until around 5 or 6 months old?  I have an aussie-poodle mix and I figured her ears would lie flat like a poodle.  Then at about 10 weeks old, her one ear pricked up and sort of folded forward (very cute) followed by the other.  I did some research and found out that this is common for an Australian Shepherd.  And apparently the final ear can be lie flat, be a semi-prick (up but folded forward a bit), a full prick (straight up), a "rose" (sort of up and folded back) or even a combo - one ear up, one down, etc.  Today at 4 months her ears have come down a bit and are what I would guess to be "rose" but she still has a couple months to go. 

I understand this can occur in certain other breeds, like the Border Collie.

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I didn't know this, Sue. How interesting. You should put a picture.
YES SUE!!! Photos please! Before after and now!!!
My gosh... she is really a beauty! Love her sweet face and her blue eyes! The ears are adorable! Lucky Mom!
No problem...love posting pics of my girls.

Here she is at around 10 weeks with the one ear up.

Then both ears up....

More recent, ears going back down.

Today at 18 weeks:

OK, just one more...the one ear is a bit wonky still, they do lay back more now.

Nope, the eyes aren't blue, maybe that was the camera. But one of the pups did end up with one blue and one green eye. I came close to choosing her, but Abbey's personality matched us better.
She's beautiful. I love fuzzy little bears. I see what you mean about the ears. That is really fascinating that it happens.
I want to kiss that sweet nose and rock her like a little baby! Such a gorgeous teddy bear!


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