Has anyone tried Calming Collars?

Here is the link...http://www.calmingcollars.com/

Works like a thundershirt but easier to put on..lol. They use aromatherapy to calm or soothe your pets. Interesting to read and the reviews are great! Since the 4th of July and fireworks are coming up, this may help those anxious pets.

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Lynne Fowler - AdminComment by Lynne Fowler - Admin 

Let us know how it works. Maybe you should put this in Health and Medical Issues.
Susan D.Comment by Susan D. 

Lately Sloan has been barking at the slightest noise...last night at 10:00 she started. I didn't hear a thing. She may have heard my Dad in his room, but no one else heard it. Thunder doesn't really bother Marlow. I saw the discussions on the Zoo about the fireworks on the 4th sending some dogs into a panic and that is why I wondered about this. Hopefully the rainy season will start in FL soon and Sloan won't have a problem. Nice to have an option, just in case.
Lynne Fowler - AdminComment by Lynne Fowler - Admin 

I haven't tried anything like this. I used to use Rescue Remedy drops and they helped somewhat but just Cody and now Luke have a problem with thunder.
My son Nick used this for his dog Gabby, he said it seemed to work.  Also lavender oils sold a Micheal's might be a good idea.    Jo


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