TOODLES IS SAFE!-Just got a call from Michelle @ Kentucky Lab Rescue...She has confirmed that she will take Toodles....She already has an appointment set up with her vet.....The plan is to plate the bone and spay her while she under .....I let Susan C know as well as she and I had formed a "just in case backup plan" together where she would pick up Toodles on Thursday and meet me in Baltimore ....She's an angel!...: ) Thanks everyone!

Dr. Reynolds the vet who is handling Toodles for Dr. Blair called me this morning and clarified what was told to me by Stacey the Mercer County Shelter ACO yesterday.

The bone break is actually right through the radius and the ulna bone ( in a human it would be right above the wrist). The metacarpal bone is not broken. He feels that because of her young age, Toodles may actually heal with the simple cast that he has placed on the injury but he says in an ideal world, a plate would be inserted for stabilization. She is in season and bleeding at the moment....He said she is a lovely, sweet dog and quite stoic with handling her pain. He said "her tail is always wagging in spite of her pain."

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I do too...I think we are all attached to her at this point.
I am so glad she is safe and getting the medical attention she needs!
I am so happy to hear that her injury can and will be treated. I can relate to feeling attached to this dog.
We seem to get attached to each one we have to fight to get saved. That's OK because we all willed it to happen and it did. One by one, ladies (and Gene)...ONE BY ONE!
I agree with you-- Dillon just has one of those faces. He looks a bit impish and I bet he demands attention. There is one photo, either on Petfinder or on Gene's profile in which he has that "Hey, look at me... look what I just did" expression.
I am glad someone is taking care of her now.
thank god for doodlerescue! i knew someone would want the beautiful girl.
Just think of how beautiful she will be once she is cleaned up. I can't wait to see those pictures! You GO GIRL!


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