Mateo is NOT in Marina Del Rey......he is in Phoenix,AZ! I am going to see him on Saturday. His owner bought him as a puppy as a present for the grandkids, and now no one has time for him. He has too much energy for them, since he never gets any exercise. They travel alot and he only gets walked if the neighbor, who is handling the adoption, does it. They just want to find him a good home. I think I know one!:) Keep your fingers (and paws!) crossed!

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His info is on's his pic. The neighbor told me they tie him to the tree when he is outside, because he can jump the fence.
That is exactly what I said! How can I not bring him home! Poor thing deserves to be spoiled just like Lola (she is laying on the bed beside Ron now).
All 70lbs of! He is a big boy! I bought big rubber gloves for Ron. When I go back to work and he walks Lola he will have to pick it up. The doctor said okay to the
Lola has sympathy illness? Or just enjoying the attention? I'll bet she's glad he's home.
It's amazing what people do to dogs. Tied to a tree because he'd jump and run. Dogs who are happy and loved don't jump and run.
She is his nurse, at least that is what Ron calls!
Fingers and paws are crossed. This is the one I hope.
The neighbor said he was fine when she took him walking with her dogs. Even off leash, he will come when called. Very intelligent, just full of energy!
How adorable. I know when anyone in my house is sick, the doggies must sense that and stay curled up with them. They know when their people are under the weather. Ginger once climbed on top of me when I had the flu and fell asleep with me. My kids took pictures of it.

I was sick as a dog!
How cute! Your own furry blanket! :)
You have to get one of Ron and Lola, too. It's a really sweet memory.
I just came across it about a week ago and Susan reminded me of it when she was talking about how Lola is nursing Ron. She was still a puppy then and still leery of everyone but me. She was attached at my hip. When I caught the flu, she was my "nurse." I had only had her about a month or two at that point. These rescued dogs are the most loving and lovable dogs because they know what you are doing for them. I remember waking up and feeling warm for the first time all day. I looked around and couldn't believe what I saw. The boys showed me the pics and told me she stayed there for 2 hours. Amazing...


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