Labrador Retriever Facts


Size:  Large

Ease of training:  High

Grooming:  Low

Shedding:  Medium

Exercise needed:  Daily walks

Energy level:  Medium/High

Protection:  Effective watchdog

Good with children:  Yes



The Labrador Retriever is a good natured, loving, and loyal dog that makes a wonderful family pet. These dogs are intelligent, responsive, and obedient, which makes them one of the easiest breeds to train. The Labrador Retriever is well suited to both inexperienced and experienced dog owners. The Labrador Retriever is full of energy, loves to join in with a wide range of activities, and has plenty of love and affection to shower upon his family.


The Labrador Retriever is not a dog that is suited to those with little time for their pets, as these dogs thrive on companionship and affection from their loved ones. Some do have a tendency to chew, and in particular can indulge in destructive chewing if neglected. This breed gets along with just about everyone, from children and strangers to pets and other animals. These active dogs do require regular exercise.




The Labrador Retriever is a handsome, sturdy, and robust dog that is large in size. The coat of the Labrador Retriever is short, close fitting, and sleek, and the coloring can be black, yellow, or chocolate.


The weight of the Labrador Retriever is around 55-70 pounds for females, and around 65-80 pounds for males. In terms of height, the Labrador Retriever reaches around 21-24 inches for females, and around 22-25 inches for males.




The Labrador Retriever is a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. The coat needs to be brushed on a weekly basis to keep it sleek and in good condition.  The Labrador Retriever is a medium shedder, and can shed more heavily on a seasonal basis. You will also need to step up the grooming at times of the year when shedding is heavier.


Health Problems and Life Expectancy


There are a number of health issues and disorders linked to this breed, and some of these include: eye problems, HD and elbow dysplasia, CMO, thyroid problems, vWD, diabetes, PRA, OCD, allergies, seizures, and heart problems. The life expectancy of the Labrador Retriever is around 10-12 years. The parents of the Labrador Retriever puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.


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