German Shepherd Facts


Size:  Large

Ease of training:  High

Grooming:  Low

Shedding:  High

Exercise needed:  Daily walk and a run

Energy level:  Medium

Protection:  High

Good with children:  Yes



The German Shepherd Dog is an alert, lively, loyal, and very intelligent breed. These dogs are obedient and very quick to learn.   In fact, the high intelligence and responsive nature of the breed makes this one of the easiest dogs to train. The German Shepherd is active, full of energy, courageous, confident, and independent. 


Some German Shepherd Dogs can be quite aloof and serious, and some can be dominant and sharp. However, these are very capable dogs, and are eager to please their owners, although their personality makes them best suited to
those with some experience of dog ownership. You will need to ensure that you provide your German Shepherd with physical and mental stimulation, and these dogs do not fare well when isolated or neglected. The German Shepherd will need regular exercise, including daily walks and regular runs.


The German Shepherd is known to get along very well with children, although you should bear in mind their size if you have younger children. Early socialization is important if you have other pets, as these dogs may chase
smaller animals such as cats, and can also be aggressive or dominant with other dogs of the same sex.  The German Shepherd is known for its protectiveness too, and therefore makes a very affective watchdog and will not back down if he feels that he or his loved ones are being threatened.




The German Shepherd Dog is a handsome and powerful creature, with a well built, athletic body, an alert expression, and tall, erect ears. His coat is straight, hard, and medium in length, and he also has a dense undercoat. The coloring of the German Shepherd Dog can vary and includes black and tan, sable, and black.


The German Shepherd Dog weighs in at 60-80 pounds for females, and 75-100 pounds for males.




The grooming requirements for the German Shepherd Dog are not excessive.  Brushing the coat every couple of days should help to control shedding, although you will need to step up the grooming at certain times of the year when he is shedding more heavily. That said, the German Shepherd Dog is a heavy shedder all year round.


Health Problems and Life Expectancy


The life expectancy of the German Shepherd Dog is around 12 years, and there are a number of health problems that are associated with this breed. This includes spinal problems, bloat and torsion, HD and elbow dysplasia, OCD,
epilepsy, pancreas problems, and eye problems. The parents of the German
Shepherd Dog puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.


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