Brittany Spaniel Facts


Size:  Medium

Ease of training:  High

Grooming:  Medium

Shedding:  Medium

Exercise needed:  Daily walk and run

Energy level:  Medium/High

Protection:  Effective watchdog

Good with children:  Yes



A loyal, dedicated, cheerful, and eager dog, the Brittany loves to play and exercise, and has plenty of energy. Highly intelligent and obedient, these dogs are easy to train, and this makes them great for inexperienced dog owners as well as for the more experienced. The Brittany loves people and attention, and it is important to spend time with the dog, as boredom can lead to destructive behavior. These sensitive dogs are always eager to please their
owners, but are also independent, spirited, and fun loving creatures that love
to join in with the fun and the action.


When it comes to children the Brittany is a gentle and stable creature that gets on well with youngsters, and also with other animals.  As with all dogs, early socialization is important. With strangers some can be quite timid. Their love and protective streak for their family makes them effective watchdogs, and they will bark to sound an alarm should anything seem amiss. Some Brittany lines can be timid.  Again, in order to prevent excessive shyness
or submissiveness, early socialization is needed.  In all, the Brittany makes a good family pet for those with plenty of devotion to give, and is fine in households with children and other animals.




The height of the Brittany is around 17-21 inches, and the weight of these dogs is around 30-45 pounds.


The Brittany has a beautiful, soft, dense coat, which can be wavy, and some of the hair on his legs is feathered. The common coloring for this breed is liver and white or orange and white, although some can be tri-colored. The ears of the Brittany are folded to the side of the head.




The Brittany has a beautiful, soft, feathered coat, and you will need to put some degree of effort in to ensure that the coat stays in good condition. The coat should be brushed twice a week, which will help to remove dead hairs and prevent matting. The length of the hair will often determine the level of grooming required. The Brittany is a seasonal medium shedder, and during heavier shedding periods you may need to increase the level of grooming.


Health Problems and Life Expectancy


The Brittany has a life expectancy of around 12 years, and there are a number of health related issues that are linked to this breed. This includes spinal problems, HD, glaucoma, seizures, liver problems, and heart problems. The parents of the Brittany puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.


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