Wondering what breed matches your personality?  Take 5 minutes to do this fun test.  You will probably be surprised at the results.


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My top 5 matches were:

1. Akita
2. Anatolian Shepherd Dog
3. Bernese Mountain Dog
4. Black Russian Terrier
5. Bullmastiff

The goldendoodle was my # 7 match.
My top 5 personality matches:

1. Anatolian Shepherd Dog
or Anatolian Shepherd Dog mix
Bold, calm, and rugged, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog fiercely protects his own.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog
or Bernese Mountain Dog mix
The Bernese Mountain Dog is a handsome, gentle giant.

3. Black Russian Terrier
or Black Russian Terrier mix
Developed by the Soviet Army, the Black Russian Terrier is the perfect working dog.

4. Bullmastiff
or Bullmastiff mix
Called the "silent watchdog," this breed is nonetheless so mellow he makes a great apartment dog.

5. German Pinscher
or German Pinscher mix
With the energy and drive of all working breeds, the German Pinscher also displays the love and devotion that make him an outstanding companion.

I am surprised. I have had pound mutts, a Samoyed, 2 std poodles and now Doodle-Palooza and none are my best match. Go figure!
Did you know that if you click on the little "why" it will tell you what specific answers you gave that the breed recommended matched?

Now, sometimes I like to over-analyze. I noticed my top 5 recommends all matched the questions: "What size dog are you considering"; "Which comes closest to your idea of a satisfying Saturday morning"; and "What arrangements are you planning to make for your dog during a typical week day?". What I found interesting is that my answer "how much does fur bother you" was not considered in the top 5 recommends.

I have a goldendoodle. Here is the explanation for my #7 goldendoodle choice:

Goldendoodle Why? This breed is an especially good match for your responses to these questions: "Which phrase best describes what you're looking for in a dog?", "What size dog are you considering?", "What's your party style?", "What arrangements are you planning to make for your dog during a typical week day?", "How much does fur bother you?", "What's your best guess at describing your future dog parenting style?"

I liked the "party" style one...LOL. None of my top 5 recommends had a "party style".

Possible lessons learned?

- Your party style isn't that important to your dog.
- Shedding should not be a top consideration.
- This web resource is fun, and provides a good starting point for breed consideration, but you still have a lot of research to do.


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