WHY A DOODLE?-Tell us why you chose or are choosing to adopt a doodle?

How did you first hear about doodles?

Did you consider other dog breeds?..If so which breeds and why?

Why would you/did you consider rescue as an option?

If you already have a doodle..Is your dog and your experience as you expected it would be?

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I was looking for a companion for my older dog. I had almost decided on a Wheaten and was on their rescue site, as low shedding was a priority, since Lola(dalmation) sheds horribly. Then I met my neighbor's Labradoodle, a big black friendly dog, and fell in love! After extensive research, I ended up on Doodlekisses, and then here. Lola was a rescue some 12 years ago and I knew there would be another wonderful dog somewhere that deserved a good home. Marlow is the biggest clown and most loving dog and my expectations were far exceeded by him! He is a joy! And most importantly, Lola loves him too!
I did comb PetFinder daily and applied for several dogs of the shaggy unknown variety before settling on a doodle. I think the personality of my neighbor's dog did convince me that a doodle would be right for us. We did not want a mini, and really wanted a medium size dog, but Marlow is definately not a medium, and he is perfect. Ron just said the other day, he wouldn't want a smaller dog. And don't get me wrong, Marlow does shed, but it is minimal compared to Lola!
1. I can't remember exactly how I first heard about doodles, but as soon as I started reading about them and looking at them online, I got excited about the idea of having one. I just found out that some neighbors we haven't met yet have a doodle, and I can't wait to meet them and their doodle! Hoping they'll be out for more walks once it isn't 100+ degrees every single day. Their doodle is black, so he probably gets really hot!

2. The potential of having a smart, friendly dog like a golden or a lab who responds well to training with a reduced shedding factor sure is appealing. And from what I read about the typical personality traits of doodles, they seem like a terrific option. Of course, there is the cute factor, too! I like the bearded look.

3. There are several reasons we're considering rescue. As a family, we haven't owned a dog before (I did have a cocker spaniel when I was growing up). I believe we would be best suited to be owners of an adult dog rather than a puppy. Seems like there are many great dogs who have some of the basic manners whose owners have to give them up for economic reasons (divorce, loss of job, etc.). So if we could provide the forever home for one of those dogs, I'd like to do that. Plus, by adopting an adult dog, we'll be dealing with more of a "known" quantity so we can find out if we're a good fit for her and she's a good fit for us since we're new to dog ownership as a family.

If we came across another poo-mix who appealed to us and she seemed to be a fit for our family, I would not reject her just because she was not "officially" a doodle. But on this side of the decision (not yet having one), I am looking primarily at doodles.

Karen, my impression of schnauzers, based on only a couple I have known, is that they tend to be kind of yippy and not very responsive to training. That may not be true on the whole. Like you said, I think since goldens and labs are so widely perceived to be great dogs, people are enthusiastic about having them in the mix, thus goldendoodles and labradoodles are more popular than schnoodles. Just my $.02. :)
The first time I saw a doodle was about 6 years ago in the waiting room of my vet. Being a big dog lover I thought that was absolutely the cutest, sweetest dog I'd ever seen. I have never owned a poodle before but have owned three golden retrievers over the years (each of which lived a long, healthy life) and loved what sweet, gentle souls they are.

I wasn't on the "hunt" for a dog at the time but that doodle was always in the back of my mind. Last year after my sweet Chessie of 11 years passed I lasted about four months before I greatly missed having a big dog in our home. That's when I started my search for a rescue doodle. I wanted a rescue because it greatly saddens me the number of people who want a cute, fluffy puppy but aren't responsible enough to love and nurture them during challenging times. I had no restrictions other than it had to be cat friendly, I just wanted one that was in need of a great home.

Several weeks later I found Marco and traveled to Georgia to adopt him..... It's very hard to imagine that it's only been three short months since this sweet boy became a part of our family. And it's been phenomenal to witness the change in him....gone is the petrified, scared, needy dog to the playful, loving, mischevious boy that we have watched him become.

Why a doodle?

Well, when I was a boy, maybe 4 or 5, my next door neighbor had a golden retriever named Penny. Penny was a sweetheart. She technically belonged to the family next door, but she was really the neighborhood dog. Every family knew and loved her.

I moved and we got a mutt from a shelter for my brother as a reward for his good grades in school and she was great, but I always had my fondness for goldens. Now that I'm married and a father, the collective family wants a dog. One slight problem... my son has many allergies, one of which is to dog fur.

My wife has multiple sclerosis, but she is ambulatory and doing very well. She told me about how doodles were originally bred to be service dogs for people with allergies. Not being a poodle person, I thought this sounded like a ridiculous thing to do. Poodles are so..... foo-foo.

My nephews have a pug named Peaches, and my son Kevin loves her but after a while would get the red, itchy eyes. I think Peaches can actually shed more than the biggest lab in the world.... it's amazing what that little dog can shed in a day... honestly. LOL! Anyway, Kevin is now 5 and thankfully has outgrown many of his food allergies. He goes over to see Peach and his cousins all the time since they live in town with us and he shows no allergy symptoms anymore, so he must have developed a tolerance to Peach. The possibility of dog ownership has now become an option again.

I ran into an old high school friend who volunteers for a shelter called pets alive in NY. She mentioned there was a festival recently near me called dogfest 2009. This was a perfect opportunity. We went and there were hundreds of leashed dogs and their owners milling about from the smallest chihwawas to the biggest new foundlands. Not only did Kevin do well around all of these hundreds of dogs, but there were some doods. They were so cool. One looked like a regular golden retriever that a child put a few rollers on it's chest and the other looked like an enormous shaggy disney dog. WOW, these guys are cool!

My friend from pets alive found Brody on pet finder and called me. I filled out an app and that's how I found the GRC.

All I need now is the dood!
Awh, Kevin, you need a doodle. But Poodles are really now that "foo-foo." Check this discussion: http://doodlerescuecollective.ning.com/forum/topics/think-poodles-a....

We need to talk about your fence!
OK, I sent you a msg about it.
Thanks, Kevin. I just sent one back.
Thanks Lynne, I appreciate it.

I know the right Dood will come around for us someday, hopefully soon.

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